PE Exam News and Updates - June 2018

See Your PE Exam Results from April 2018

Ready to see your score? PE Exam results from April 2018 have been released to licensing boards. When and how you will receive your score varies by state, as each board has a different process for releasing scores. There are multiple ways that a board can release the scores, including on NCEES Exam Administration Services or through another testing service.

To find out how you can access your score, contact your state board and request to know when and how the information will be released.


Find Out When Your Exam Goes CBT

You can now access a timetable that will tell you when your PE exam is expected to transition from pencil-and-paper administration to CBT (Computer Based Testing). NCEES’s plan is to have all exams moved to CBT by 2024. In addition to the timetable, you can also see the format of your exam and when it will be administered. Most of the PE exams will be offered year-round using a linear-on-the-fly (LOFT) algorithm, meaning that all examinees for your exam will have different questions, but have the same number of questions on the same topics. This means that everyone’s exam will be unique, and yet still test on the same amount of questions within a topic. Some of the benefits of CBT are increased efficiency, more scheduling flexibility, and faster scoring and reporting.


PE Software Exam Discontinued

Due to the low number of candidates registered for the PE Software exam, the NCEES Board of Directors has decided to discontinue it in the future. The Board of Directors considered many factors when making this decision, including the difficulty establishing minimum competence because of the low number of registrants. The last PE Software exam will be given in April 2019.


More Information on the PE Exam

Find all the information you need to pass your NCEES PE exam in the PE Resource Center. 

What to Expect on Exam Day

"You should arrive at least 30 minutes before the exam starts. This will allow time for finding a convenient parking place, bringing your materials to the exam room, making room and seating changes, and calming down."

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What to Bring to the PE Exam

"Designate some location (a drawer, a corner, a cardboard box, or even a paper shopping bag left on the floor) as your exam catchall."

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What Happens After You Pass

"Unless required by your state, you do not have to list your license number or your state on your business cards. However, these should be shown on your stamp or seal."

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