PE Exam Pass Rates 2020/2021

April 25, 2021
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ExamFirst-Time Takers (%)Repeat Takers (%)
Agricultural and Biological 69%100%
Chemical (Jan 2021)
Civil: Construction61%35%
Civil: Geotechnical55%24%
Civil: Structural64%41%
Civil: Transportation70%39%
Civil: Water Resources and Environmental71%46%
Control Systems67%31%
Electrical and Computer: Computer Eng.71%29%
Electronics, Controls, and Communications62%22%
Electrical and Computer: Power (Jan 2021)
Environmental (Jan 2021)
Fire Protection (Jan 2021)
Industrial and Systems (Jan 2021)
Mechanical: HVAC and Refrigeration (Jan 2021)
Mechanical: Machine Design and Materials (Jan 2021)
Mechanical: Thermal and Fluids Systems (Jan 2021)
Metallurgical and Materials69%27%
Mining and Mineral Processing65%14%
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering68%61%
Nuclear (Jan 2021)
Petroleum (Jan 2021)
PE Structural - Lateral Forces Bridges 38%33%
PE Structural - Lateral Forces Buildings33%29%
PE Structural - Vertical Forces Bridges51%50%
PE Structural - Vertical Forces Buildings 45%32%


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