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FE Prep University

PPI's FE Prep University enables your school to offer a top-notch, one-stop FE exam training program for students preparing for any of the seven FE exam disciplines.

How does FE Prep University work? 

  • Qualified program administrators will be issued a unique group code to distribute to students.
  • Students will create an account and join the group for access to their resources.
  • Either the program or students will purchase access for their specific discipline ($145/student). 
  • Students can access FE Prep University for 6 months and prepare to pass.
  • Program administrators can monitor student activity at any time, with no expiration.

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What do students receive with FE Prep University?

Detailed, customizable assignments

Targeting strengths and weaknesses

PPI's trusted exam prep by Michael R. Lindeburg, PE

Recalling key concepts on-the-go

Simulate the NCEES FE exam

Thousands of practice problems

What do universities receive with FE Prep University?

For all seven FE exam disciplines

Easily track student progress

70% off retail price

Accommodate university or student payments 

Quickly set up and manage your program

Dedicated PPI account manager

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FE Prep University FAQs

Student activity reports are available for the Diagnostic Exams, Quiz Generator, and Practice Exams.
Yes. Your program must have a qualified group administrator (such as a professor, dean, or student group leader), as well as a minimum of five students.
Six months. If the students make the purchase, their access begins once a student has made their individual transaction. If an administrator purchases a product key to distribute to a student, the access begins once the student redeems their product key. 
A group is five or more students with a university administrator. Groups can be made up of students in different disciplines. Each group has a unique group code. The code is distributed to the students by the administrator to enroll. The group also has start and end dates during which time students can enroll in the group, access special pricing, and report results to their administrator.
Each student receives a Review Manual web book, Practice Problems web book, two practice exams, a quiz generator, diagnostic exams, flashcards, and a custom study schedule.
We offer programs for all seven FE exams (Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Computer, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, and Other Disciplines).