What If the FE Exam is Not Required for My Position?

September 24, 2020
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As students are about to finish or have successfully completed their engineering degree, many wonder if they should pursue their FE license—especially if they have already acquired a job. After passing their college exams, producing multiple lab reports and obtaining an engineering position, many students are eager to launch their engineering career.

Those who are currently working in an area with the industrial exception may not see the need to be considered an Engineer-in-Training (EIT) or Engineering Intern (EI). These students wonder why they should pursue licensure if it is not required for their position. Studying for another exam is generally the last area to which they want to allocate their time towards.

A multitude of other professions, such as nursing, medicine, law, and accounting, require professional licensure to practice. The licenses show that these individuals meet the minimum standards of professional competency, follow the rules for professional conduct, and ultimately, protect the interest of the public. Likewise, engineering licensure conveys to employers, the state, and society that the individual possesses these qualities.

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Taking the FE Exam Means More Career Opportunities

By engaging in forward thinking by taking the FE exam, you can keep your options open for future positions and gain relevant experience for the PE exam. In addition to commanding a higher salary through licensure, licensed engineers also experience faster career advancement. Licensure distinguishes the engineer as a competent individual who demonstrates proficiency, professionalism, and responsibility.

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