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Taking the NCEES FE Exam is the first step toward becoming a licensed engineer. After you pass the FE Exam, you are considered an “Engineer-in-Training."

By completing the FE exam and getting your license, you show a high level of commitment to the engineering profession and a thirst for achievement. At PPI, we see licensure as a way for those in the engineering profession to set themselves apart. Candidates who are licensed are usually the first ones to be hired, the most sought-after, and the best paid.

We are fully committed to providing candidates the best FE Exam prep tools to maximize their FE Exam review, and pass the exam the first time. This resource center is a good place to reference during your journey to get your license.

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What is the FE Exam? Getting to Know the FE Exam How to Use the NCEES Handbook With Your Review Manual Six Things You Need to Include in Your FE Review What to Expect on Exam Day How to Prepare for Exam Day What to Bring to Exam Day



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Learn what engineering firms look for in recent grads, and get advice for landing your dream job from the source. 

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Read first-hand advice, tips and insights from examinees who have recently passed their exams.  


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