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How to Use Your FE Review Manual with the NCEES Handbook

September 23, 2020
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Starting your FE exam prep can be confusing when you don't know how to properly utilize your materials. To start, you should have an FE Review Manual and the NCEES Handbook. Becoming familiar with the features of the NCEES Handbook will help you gain confidence and make studying easier. Your FE Review Manual will help you become familiar with the format, layout, organization, and, at times odd, conventions of the NCEES Handbook.

The manual uses color to differentiate between what is available to you during the exam, and what is supplementary content that makes a topic more interesting or easier to understand. Anything that closely parallels or duplicates the NCEES Handbook is printed in blue. Headings that introduce content related to NCEES Handbook equations are printed in blue. Titles of figures and tables that are essentially the same as in the NCEES Handbook are similarly printed in blue.

PPI Review Manuals are organized into topics that correspond to the knowledge areas listed by NCEES in its exam specifications. However, unlike the NCEES Handbook, your Review Manual arranges subtopics that build logically on one another.

It's important to note that each chapter contains sections organized around NCEES Handbook equations, but the arrangement of those equations is based on logical development to ensure the best FE exam prep. Equations that are presented together in this book may actually be many pages apart in the NCEES Handbook.

Generally, you can expect the presentation of each subtopic or related group of equations to follow this outline:

  • General section title
  • Background and developmental content
  • Equation name (or description) and equation number
  • Equation with NCEES Handbook formatting
  • Any relevant variations of the equation
  • Any values typically associated with the equation
  • Additional explanation and development
  • Worked quantitative example using the NCEES Handbook equation
  • Footnotes

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