What is a Study Schedule?

Study Schedules break down the topics found in your reference manual into chapters and provide you with a thorough list of content areas for your exam.

Benefits Of Having a Study Schedule

1. A chapter-by-chapter outline to keep your review on track

2. Review suggestions for every knowledge area, so you don’t miss any exam topics

3. Suggestions for additional review materials to supplement your review

4. An extensive index that contains thousands of terms, indexed in a variety of ways, in anticipation of how you would search for them

5. Cross-references to both primary and supplementary PPI resources

6. Time-tested organization and clear explanations start with the basics to help you quickly get up to speed on familiar concepts

Study Schedule Testimonials


PPI Study Schedules

Use your study schedule to plan your time by tackling topics you are less familiar with first, so that you can allot extra time to review them. Study Schedules also help you choose a start date and assign time limits for studying each exam topic.

Increase the ultimate value of your reference book and allow yourself to focus your time on resources relevant to a particular topic.

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