New Errata Update for the FE Reference Handbook

NCEES Releases New Errata

The NCEES has released a new errata update for the FE Reference Handbook, version 9.4. Make sure you review these updates to ensure that your FE Reference Handbook contains the correct information for exam day. Since the handbook is the only reference you'll be allowed during the exam, you'll also want to make sure you're familiar with the location of tables and formulas in it. Memorizing where to find valuable information in the handbook will save you time during the exam so that you're not searching for needed information. 

Most state boards do not provide handbooks to registrants before the exam, so you'll want to pick up a copy for yourself. Purchase the FE Reference Handbook here, and learn more about how to use the handbook on exam day here.

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Exam Prep Strategies from Anthony Fasano, PE of The Engineering Management Institute

Anthony Fasano, PE of The Engineering Management Institute, shares his 10 best strategies for passing the NCEES FE exam in this webinar. Click below to watch.

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