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ARE 5.0 Requirements and Eligibility

March 17, 2021
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Once you've decided to take ARE 5.0, you'll need to find out what your state requires to be able to sit for the exam. Requirements are set by your state's jurisdiction. Every state will require a combination of education and experience before you can get started with the ARE, but the specifics vary. You'll need to check with your jurisdiction to confirm exactly what will be expected of you before beginning the exam process.

Here are a few of the most common things that jurisdictions require before you can start testing.

What Education Do I Need to Take ARE 5.0?

Most states require that you obtain a professional degree from a program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). The NAAB evaluates architecture programs in the US to make sure that graduates of these programs gain necessary technical and critical thinking skills that a career in architecture demands.

There are many schools that offer architecture programs that are not NAAB-accredited, but graduates of these programs may face more requirements in order to earn licensure later. To find out if your current or prospective school has a NAAB-accredited architecture program, search for a NAAB-accredited school here.

A new option for licensure aimed at college students is available from NCARB. IPAL, or Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure, allows students to complete the education, experience, and testing requirements while still in school. See if your school participates in the IPAL program here.

What Experience Do I Need to Take ARE 5.0?

No matter what jurisdiction you're in, you'll have to complete work experience. NCARB offers a program to help exam candidates gain valuable and necessary experience that prepares them for successful exam prep later. It's called the Architectural Experience Program (AXP). The AXP helps you record and track your professional experience by providing you with six experience areas and specific tasks that fall under each area. Not by coincidence, the experience areas have the same names as the six ARE 5.0 divisions. After completing the AXP, you'll be on the right path to begin preparing for ARE 5.0.

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Next Steps

Check with your jurisdiction to confirm exactly what is required for eligibility in your state. You'll also need to start your NCARB Record, which will help you track your journey to licensure.

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