California Civil Engineering Surveying

The California Civil Surveying exam is open book. Choose your references and add your practice. Add a video review for step-by-step instruction from an expert.

#1 Start Here - Add Your Reference Bundle

California Civil Surveying Reference Manual

Reference Bundle Includes:


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#2Add Your Practice Bundle

California Civil Surveying Practice Bundle

  • 120+ solved problems for a deeper dive into knowledge areas (print)
  • Two full realistic practice exams(print)
  • Surveyor's bible, published by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping
  • Casio FX-115 ES Plus Advanced Scientific Calculator


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#3Add Your Video Review

California Civil Surveying Course


  • Step-by-step video lectures and problem solving demonstrations from an expert instructor
  • Complete coverage of all exam topics
  • Tips and tricks for using your Casio Calculator
  • Flexible viewing on your own schedule

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$499 4 Months

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