Engineering Licensure in the United Kingdom (UK)

In the United Kingdom, the title most analogous to "Professional Engineer" is "Chartered Engineer." This title is not granted through an examination process, but the procedure is rigorous, nonetheless. Upon graduation, and engineer must work for three to four years in a supervised and structured training period.

After this on-the-job training, the engineer submits two written papers for comment and grading by two senior members of the institution most appropriate to their discipline. The applicant is interviewed for several hours and then makes a 15-minute technical presentation based on one of his papers. Thereafter, the engineer answers technical and professional questions from the examiners.

In the afternoon, the engineer writes two 1500-word reports in three hours on two questions--one technical and one professional--in subjects set by the examiners which the engineer will not have seen before. Passing all of the elements is required before acceptance as a member of their institution.

Engineering Licensure in Europe

Information on the EUR ING professional designation can be found on the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI) website. Criteria for the EUR ING designation is described here. Application is open only to individuals who are members of an engineering association represented in FEANI through a National Member (a list of which appears on this site).

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