Environmental PE prep course testimonials

"This course helped me get a level of confidence for the exam that I never thought I would attain. The instructor was extremely professional, and not only knew his stuff, but was able to explain EVERY topic with emphasis on pertinent material. The references suggested were right on the money. There wasn't a question on the exam that couldn't be answered with the recommended material. I recommend this course to everyone considering taking the PE exam!"--Abby D., 2016 Environmental PE student

"I decided to sign up for a class after failing the PE once before. I knew I would benefit from a structured study environment vs. trying to prepare on my own. I chose PPI because the course comes with their PPI reference manual (100% necessary for passing the PE). The course was about what I expected. The professor was excellent: very knowledgeable, timely, and thorough. Overall I do recommend this course to others who are seeking a structured environment to prepare for the PE. I haven't received my results yet but PPI gave me all the tools needed to pass."--Erica B., 2016 Environmental PE student

"I thought PPI gave me the confidence studying on my own has not. It was a well-rounded review course set at an acceptable time with flexible communication tools, i.e. emails from professor and online forum. Plus the interactive classroom office hours were helpful in getting questions answered or understanding more complex ideas."--2015 Environmental PE student


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