Electrical PE prep course testimonials

"The course gives you structure and helps you focus on the important topics for the exam. Do the assignments, listen to the lectures, put in the time, and you will pass the exam. Well worth the money."--Scott H., 2016 Electrical PE Power student

"I found the course to be of great value, especially for someone who was taking the exam for the first time. I valued the syllabus structure immensely as I did not even know where to start preparing prior to this course. The structure of the course (generally two 3-hour sessions a week over a few months) allowed me to study while working without completely overloading myself. The materials acquired in this course were also incredibly useful for exam prep and execution."--Kevin L., 2016 Electrical PE Power student

"I really enjoyed the class. It was very helpful to engage with other test takers, as well as keep my studying on schedule. I have two small children, so having a class that helped me with time management was wonderful! It also helped prevent me from spending too much time on one topic."--Michael K., 2016 Electrical PE Power student

"Thank you for your help in passing the Power PE Exam. You led an excellent course and I left feeling well prepared for the exam. This was my first time taking the PE and was able to pass on the first try. Many thanks to the PPI staff for putting this course together."--Tim B., 2016 Electrical PE Power student


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