Civil PE prep course testimonials

"A great comprehensive review of the Civil PE with a diverse class and knowledgeable instructor. It covered all the sections, gave great conceptual information on the topics, and excellent practical advice about taking the exam. Highly recommend it, especially if you have been away from an academic setting for a few years."--Calvin W., 2016 Civil PE student

"I don't think I could have stayed on track studying without this online review course. You definitely have to put in extra hours to complete the homework, but I really didn't feel overwhelmed by the time spent in the lectures and studying outside of it. I tried to attend all of the live lectures, but it was nice that if you had to miss a lecture, you could watch the recording later. I haven't found out if I passed the exam yet, but this course really made me feel confident going into the exam and I would recommend it to anyone!"--Ryan C., 2016 Civil PE student

"The PPI Civil PE course provided a great basis for a structured study schedule along with providing great review material. My instructor made the material easy to follow and understand. He gave many useful exam day tips and strategies and I used many of them while taking the exam. I highly recommend this review course and you definitely get out what you put in."--Matthew E., 2016 Civil PE student

"After completing the course, homework, and practice exams, I felt that the actual PE exam had much simpler problems, making it feel easier. I felt very confident after I finished the exam thanks to this course."--Brian H., 2016 Civil PE student

"Great content and great instructors. Definitely recommend this course to anyone taking the PE. You will feel prepared, confident, and ready to pass your first time!"--Tyler A., 2016 Civil PE student

"I would definitely recommend this course to a friend/coworker. The course provided many homework problems and a lot of valuable study material. I found that it was helpful to watch the class videos and do the homework, but additionally do other example problems to supplement my studying. Course instructor was great and answered many questions during office hours. Tips provided in the course were very useful!"--Eduardo C., 2016 Civil PE student


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