PE Chemical Course Testimonials

Chemical PE prep course testimonials

"This course was perfect for me because I work full-time and there is no way I could organize my own study time. Taking this course gave me the structure and material I needed to fully prepare for the exam. The instructor spent more time on topics that aren't usually covered very much, such as reactor design. There was a lot of homework, but I think working the practice problems and working practice tests is the best way to prepare for such an all-encompassing exam."--Sarah S., 2016 Chemical PE student

"This course was extremely beneficial in reiterating chemical engineering concepts and testing techniques. The course was an excellent way to prepare for the PE exam, as it forced me to solve many different problems."--Brent B., 2016 Chemical PE student

"The course really helped me prepare for the Chemical PE exam. We had weekly assignments that if you kept on track you weren't cramming right before the exam. The course instructor was very helpful and gave good tips for taking the exam. The problems were way more difficult in the class than the actual PE exam so it builds you up to make the actual exam easier."--Amy D., 2016 Chemical PE student

"For a busy working professional, this class is a great way to stay on track with your studying. The homework and practice you do are harder than the exam, so it toughens you up so the exam feels a little bit easier!"--Ellen C., 2015 Chemical PE student


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