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  • Course Overview
    • Provides focused, modular review of all topics on the California Civil Seismic Principles exam
    • Includes 58+ hours of course activities, including lectures, problem solving demonstrations, recommended reading, homework assignments, and practice exams
    • Contains the latest course content that aligns to current exam specifications
    • Provides interactive opportunities that allow you to work through practice problems on your own before your instructor walks through step-by-step solutions
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  • OnDemand Prep Course Benefits
    • Watch lectures and problem solving demonstrations on your own schedule
    • Stay on track with structured, focused reading and problem assignments
    • Download presentation slides for easy note-taking
    • Assess your exam readiness with digital resources in the PPI Learning Hub
    • Hone your test-taking and time management skills


  • Topics Covered
    • Seismic Data and Seismic Design Criteria—Laws, Codes and Standards; Design Performance Requirements; Site Related Coefficients; Site Characteristics; Seismic Design Category
    • Seismic Characteristics of Engineered System—Seismic Force-Resisting Systems; Seismic Design Performance; Vulnerability of Structures; Post-Earthquake Damage and Risk; Improving Seismic Performance
    • Seismic Forces: Building Structures—Structural Characteristics; Seismic Design Forces; Vertical Distribution; Diaphragm Forces; Structural Elements
    • Seismic Forces: Non-Building Structures, Components, and Equipment—Nonstructural Components and Equipment; Non-Building Structures
    • Seismic Analysis Procedures—Resisting Systems; Seismic Force Distribution; Analysis of Diaphragms
    • Seismic Detailing and Construction Quality Control—Seismic Detailing and Construction; Detailing Requirements; Seismic Quality Control
    • Course Summary / Exam Tips


  • Your Instructors
  • Elena Badilla, PE earned a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from California State University–Northridge (CSUN) and a Master of Civil Engineering from Norwich University. She has previously worked as a survey engineer on a 10-mile segmental bridge project in Hawai’i. She has over ten years of experience in construction engineering, surveying, hydrology and hydraulics, geometry control and site development for residential, commercial and public works projects. Elena holds a professional engineer license in the State of California.

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    David Micnhimer, PE, SE is a licensed professional engineer in California, Virginia, and North Carolina. The past few years, he has worked at a steel bridge manufacturing company, designing over 150 different bridges, including trusses, modular bridges, and buried structures. Previously, he worked as a consultant designing bridges, retaining walls, solar site foundations, substations, and a variety of other structures. He has conducted bridge inspections and site investigations as well. He is particularly interested in the complexities of seismic design, finite element analysis, and soil-structure interaction. You will see his projects in nearly every state in the United States. David received his BS in Civil Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

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    David Connor, PE, SE is currently a structural engineer for Haines, Gipson, and Associates in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, structural emphasis, from the Georgia Institute of Technology and his Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, structural and geotechnical emphasis, from the University of South Carolina. He has been a registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Georgia since 2002, and passed the 16-hour NCEES Structural Engineering (SE) Exam in 2014. He is registered as a PE in other states as well, and a registered SE in Illinois. Additionally, he wrote the book “Bridge Problems for the Structural Engineering (SE) Exam” which is currently available for purchase from PPI and other book sellers.

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