PPI California Civil Seismic Prep Course


  • PPI's CA Civil Seismic Prep Course
    for the California Civil Seismic Principles Exam
  • OnDemand Prep Course
  • Study at your own pace with PPI’s OnDemand Prep Course. From 1 month to 1 year, choose the time that's right for you.
  • Course Overview
    • Provides focused review of all topics on the California Civil Seismic Principles exam
    • Includes 22+ hours of lectures and problem solving demonstrations
    • Gives you everything you need to pass—from reference materials to homework assignments to detailed class notes


  • OnDemand Prep Course Benefits
    • Watch recorded lectures and problem solving demonstrations on your own schedule
    • Stay on track with structured and focused reading and problem assignments
    • Download presentation slides for easy note-taking
    • Assess your exam readiness with digital resources in the PPI Learning Hub
    • Learn tips and tricks for how to use your Casio FX-115 ES Plus Calculator
    • Hone your test-taking and time management skills


  • Options
    • Monthly, 3-Month, and 1-Year OnDemand Prep Courses: Sign up for our flexible monthly renewing subscription. Want multiple months up front? Choose between the 3-Month or 1-Year option for additional study time (and savings).


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