eTextbook FAQ

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Technical Inquiry?
For detailed technical information, video tutorials, and complete assistance with your eTextbook, visit VitalSource 24/7 Support.

What is a PPI eTextbook?
PPI eTextbooks are digital versions of our printed books that you can access online, or you can download to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and view offline. Your eTextbooks are managed on your VitalSource Bookshelf. PPI updates our eTextbooks as needed to correct reported errata.

How do I access my eTextbook?
PPI has implemented a Single Sign-on (SSO) feature that automatically links your PPI eTextbook purchase with VitalSource Bookshelf. You can access your eTextbook in the Bookshelf online ereader directly from At checkout, our order success page will give you a direct link to proceed to your Bookshelf. In the future, just log in to your PPI account and select the eTextbook option from the My Online Product Access dropdown. If you want to download and read your eTextbook offline via the Bookshelf application, you will need to complete your account set-up with VitalSource. Once that is done, you can access your eTextbook offline using the VitalSource credentials.

What is Bookshelf?
Bookshelf is a free application that downloads files to your device or lets you access your eTextbook online. Using the app, you can study at home, at work, flying in an airplane, or sitting on the beach. Bookshelf keeps everything in sync and at your fingertips.

Where do I get Bookshelf App to download onto my computer?
Download the free VitalSource Bookshelf application here.

How do I download the Bookshelf App to my mobile device? iPad or iPhone? Android? Kindle?
VitalSource has detailed instructions for all kinds of devices.  Simply navigate to  VitalSource 24/7 Support and search "install Bookshelf on (device type)" and follow their instructions. They are available to support you 24/7.

Do I need an access code to download my eTextbook?
No. PPI has implemented a Single Sign-on (SSO) feature that automatically links your PPI eTextbook purchase with VitalSource Bookshelf. If you created a VitalSource Bookshelf account or had one previously, you will need to log in to your PPI account and select the eTextbook option from the My Online Product Access dropdown to provision the eTextbook to your VitalSource account.  Another option is to log in to VitalSource My Account and look for the option to "complete your account setup". 

Is it compatible with all computers and devices?
Visit VitalSource Support for a complete list of supported devices and system requirements.

Do I have to be connected to the internet to read my eTextbook?
No. You can access 100% of your eTextbooks without an internet connection. To access your eTextbook offline, you will need to download the Bookshelf app onto your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Do PPI eTextbooks have a text to speech feature?
The VitalSource Bookshelf application has the ability to use the built in Text to Speech function in Windows and Mac OS to have your books read aloud to you. Visit VitalSource Support for more information on this feature and other eTextbook accessibility options. If the book you are seeking is not currently available in the eTextbook format, please visit our ADA Policy for more information on accessibility and accommodation requests. PPI is committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities have full and equal access to our services as provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and implementing regulations.

Is there a time limit for my access?
PPI offers different levels of access for our eTextbooks. Visit the specific product page for the eTextbook you plan to purchase to confirm the access period.

When does the eTextbook access start?
The access period starts on the date of purchase.  From that date of purchase, it cannot be delayed or extended.  If you want additional time, you will need to repurchase.

Can I share my PPI eTextbook with a co-worker?
PPI eTextbooks cannot be shared. PPI's content delivered to you in an electronic format is protected by all applicable federal copyright laws. Use is not transferrable. Access is restricted to the user identified as the "enrollee" during check out. See our Media Rights and Digital Content Agreement for additional details.

Can I print my PPI eTextbook?
No. If you need access to a complete printed version you can buy the text from

Can I download my PPI eTextbook to multiply devices?
You can access an eTextbook across 4 devices - 2 mobile and 2 desktop. If you want to access a 3rd mobile or desktop device, you will need to deactivate an older device.  For assistance visit VitalSource Support.

Can I return or cancel my eTextbook access?
PPI eTextbooks are non-returnable and non-refundable.

I purchased the print and eTextbook combo package, can I return the print and keep the eTextbook
This special promotional package includes both.  If you wish to return the print, your access to the eTextbook will be removed when you are issued a Return Authorization.  Once the returned book is received, a full refund will be processed.  If you want to keep the eTextbook, you should not return the print.

What is the differenct between PPI eTextbooks and the PPI E-Books that were sold before April 2018?
PPI eTextbooks are offered through VitalSource using their Bookshelf ereader platform. Bookshelf is the most used digital content delivery platform in the world. PPI's Single Sign-On experience with VitalSource streamlines how you access your newly purchased content. PPI previously used Adobe Digital Editions, which is another well known ereader, but it required more effort to get to your content.

Need support for your Adobe Digital Edition E-Book previously purchased from PPI?
PPI Customer Sales Support Team can assist you with your prior purchase. Contact PPI.