Course / Video FAQ

How are PPI courses and videos presented?
PPI uses an online learning platform called Moodle, as “home” for all of our courses and videos. From Moodle, you use links to access purchased content and track your progress. Our live sessions are presented on E360. Some PPI videos are present directly within the Moodle interface using Amazon Web Services.

What are the minimum system requirements for PPI Course and Videos?
If you have a computer or mobile device that has been purchased in the last five years, you should have no trouble accessing PPI courses. The most important free software is a current internet browser. Here is a list of basic desktop system requirements.

How do I get to the course and/or videos I purchased?
Navigate to “My Online Product Access” on the PPI website. Select “Live and OnDemand Courses” or “Video Review” from the dropdown. This will bring you to the Moodle log in page, which you can bookmark for future access. The direct URL is

What user name and password do I use?
You log into Moodle using the PPI credentials used during purchase. If access was purchased for you or you used an alternate email during the enrollment step, an initial password has been created using all characters prior to the "@" symbol in your enrollment email.

I forgot my password, how can I reset?
You can update your Moodle password, by navigating to the Administration left menu and selecting “My profile settings”, then “Change password”. 

I’m logged into Moodle, how do I access Live session?
On your course home page, within each topic section, you will see a yellow "Join Live Lecture" button. Refer to your course schedule for dates/times of each live lecture.

Can I download videos and watch them offline?
You will need to be online to view recording or to connect to a live course. Supplemental course materials such as Live Lecture Slides can be printed or saved for viewing offline. At this time, PPI does not offer any downloadable courses or videos, but we do sell eTextbooks that can be viewed offline.

Is closed caption available?
PPI is committed to ensuring that persons with disabilities have full and equal access to our services as provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and implementing regulations. Please visit our ADA Policy for more information on accessibility and accommodation requests.

I’ve signed up for a course, but my schedule has changed. What are my options?
Please visit our PPI Course and Video Review Enrollment Changes page for the available options.

I’ve purchased a Live Course. When is homework due?
We recommend you complete the reading and practice homework before each live session to be familiar with the topic and prepared to ask the Instructor questions. If you fall behind, no worries, you can submit the homework for feedback from the Instructor at any time prior to the last access day, which is published on your course schedule. All homework assignments are required to qualify for the Passing Guarantee.

I took a PPI course, but I did not pass my exam. How do I request a guarantee?
Please visit our PPI Passing Guarantee page for the available options.

I’m waiting to hear if my exam application was accepted. What are my options?
Please visit our PPI Passing Guarantee page for our Risk-Free Enrollment options.

Do PPI Courses offer a Completion Certificate?
An Enrollment Confirmation document is available upon enrollment. This serves as a receipt and can be downloaded from your online Moodle course page. A Completion Certificate becomes available after the final access day of your Live course. Completion Certificates are not available for OnDemand or Video Review courses. *If you have a special circumstance, please Contact Us for additional support.

How do I know when my access ends?
PPI Live Courses have published date on the Moodle home page in the Course Resources section that lets you know when the last day is to access all content. If you purchased a Video subscription, the last day of access is available in the My Subscription section of your main PPI Account (not on Moodle).

Still have questions and need support?
Email directly using our Contact Us tool or call (650) 593-9119. PPI Customer Service phone support is available Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., PT.