What is ARE 5.0?

The ARE (Architect Registration Examination) is a multi-division exam designed to test your knowledge of the practice of architecture. Once you pass the ARE, you are officially an architect. The ARE is developed and administered by NCARB, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, a nonprofit organization. The exam consists of six divisions focusing on the knowledge areas needed to complete a typical architecture project. Before you can take the ARE, you'll need to check your eligibility, as each state has different requirements. Once you've decided to take the ARE, check with your jurisdiction to make sure you've have a correct list of requirements for eligibility in your state so that you can make a plan for tackling them.



What are the benefits of taking ARE 5.0?

After passing the ARE, you are officially an architect. There are many benefits of becoming an architect, including opportunities for career advancement and pay increases, the ability to sign off on blue prints, and the chance to design public health buildings. Passing the ARE means your skills as an architect have been thoroughly vetted and deemed trustworthy. Prospective employers and the public can trust that you have adequate architecture preparation, including the necessary skills and aptitude to protect their health, safety, and welfare. According to the 2017 AIA Compensation Report, salaries for licensed architects are steadily rising. A senior architect can expect to earn more than double what architecture interns and those on the path to licensure currently make, according to the Compensation Report.




Wondering where to start?

The requirements for taking ARE 5.0 differ by state.  Most states require exam candidates to have completed AXP hours (Architectural Experience Program) before registering. If you want to become an architect, check your jurisdiction’s requirements for ARE 5.0 qualification. You will likely start by participating in AXP. You’ll need to document your completion of 96 tasks in at least 3,740 hours across six experience areas, so it’s better to start the process as early as you can. If you’ve completed your jurisdiction’s requirements and you’re ready to start preparing for ARE 5.0, PPI Learning Hub is the best place to begin your review

Preparing for ARE 5.0? Test your knowledge with a free ARE 5.0 Sample Quiz.


More Information on ARE 5.0

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Tips to Make Your ARE Review a Success

"We recommend creating a realistic schedule for your study times. To optimize your ARE prep, make sure to begin your review with a realistic study schedule. "

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AXP: Track Your Hours

"Candidates should become familiar with the information in the AXP Guidelines and use this resource to appropriately classify their experiences."

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About ARE 5.0

"ARE 5.0 was introduced on November 1, 2016, in part fueled by changes in graphic testing methods and a desire to move away from the outdated CAD software system."

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