NCARB Now Approves Third-Party Test Prep Materials for ARE 5.0

In April 2018, NCARB launched its Approved Test Prep Provider program to help exam candidates better prepare for the Architecture Registration Exam®️ (ARE® 5.0). With this new program, ARE 5.0 test prep companies can now submit their prep materials to NCARB to receive their official seal of approval. NCARB approves third-party test prep materials by division and provides an official NCARB Test Prep Provider logo by division to indicate the material approved status.

To help with the approvals process, NCARB enlists volunteer architects to serve on approval committees that review and evaluate the submitted test prep content. To start the NCARB approval process, companies submit an application along with their ARE test prep materials by division.

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Once materials are submitted, the NCARB committee of volunteer architects evaluates the materials to ensure that the prep aligns with the objectives and content outlined in the NCARB ARE Test Specification. Once NCARB has completed its evaluation and approved the company’s submitted materials, the company is allowed to use NCARB’s Test Prep Provider division logo to designate the approved status.

PPI is working closely with NCARB to receive their official seal of approval for all divisions of its ARE 5.0 test prep. PPI recently announced new division-specific, online prep subscriptions which now include NCARB-approved test prep content for $19/month or $49/6 months.

The complete list of ARE test prep materials by division that has been approved by NCARB is here.

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