PPI Subscription FAQ's

How do PPI Subscriptions Work?
Your subscription payment will begin with your initial purchase. Cancel within 3 days (all except weekly) or 1 day (weekly) of purchase for a full refund. After the first 1 or 3 days, there are no refunds. At the end of each term you will be charged for another period of access and you will receive an additional order confirmation email. For subscriptions that include multiple months of access (i.e. 3-month or Live Course subscriptions), you will be charged one time upon your initial purchase. Manage your subscription by navigating to My Subscription, logging into your PPI account and selecting "View/Edit Details", "Payment History", or "Cancel". 

What is the Risk-Free Trial?
PPI offers a 3-day (all subscription options except weekly) or 1-day (weekly) risk free trial to explore our subscriptions. This means you can purchase a subscription and try it out for 1 or 3 days. If during the 1 or 3 days you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel your subscription for a full refund. Navigate to My Subscription, log in to your PPI account, select the "Cancel" option for the subscription, and complete the cancellation process.  The 3-day or 1-day risk free trial is available to new paying subscribers.  If you have a legitimate need to review multiple subscriptions, please contact us prior to subscribing, since PPI reserves the right to deny multiple 3-day or 1-day risk free refund requests. 

Can I share my subscription with a co-worker?
PPI's digital content is protected by all applicable federal copyright laws. Use is not transferrable. Sharing is prohibited. Access is restricted to the user identified as the "enrollee" during check out. See our Media Rights and Digital Content Agreement for additional details.

Do subscriptions all include the same access?
Currently PPI offers different levels of subscription access to different products. You can views details for all PPI Learning Hub subscriptions on our Subscription page.  Prep course related subscriptions can be found our on Courses page. 

How long does my subscription last?
PPI offers a variety of subscriptions that are paired up to work perfectly with your exam review. Each subscription has a predetermined length, that we refer to as the "subscription term". For weekly subscriptions, 1 term equals 1 week of access. For monthly subscriptions, 1 term equals 1 month of access. Your subscription term is communicated on the product page, in the shopping cart prior to checkout, and in your subscription details after purchase.

Do all subscriptions start and end on the same date?
Renewing subscriptions start on the purchase date and will end on the last day of the subscription term, if cancelled during the term. If it is not cancelled, it will renew for another term. Visit the Course Enrollment page for course subscription policies. The specific end date for all subscriptions can be found by navigating to your My Subscription page and selecting the "View/Edit Details" for the subscription.

Can I pause my active subscription?
PPI subscriptions cannot be paused. Once a cycle has begun it will continue until the next renewal or the fixed expiration date. If you cancel your renewing subscription and take a break without an active subscription, you can come back in the future, sign up again with the same email, and your historical activity will be available to you.

How does billing work?
Your credit card will automatically be charged on the first day of the new term, for every new term, until you cancel your renewing subscription.

What happens if my payment method fails?  Or my payment method expires?
You will receive an email notifying you that we were unable to process the monthly charge. You will be asked to update your payment method within 3 days in order to re-activate your subscription and retain your pricing. Navigate to My Subscription , select "View/Edit Details", and update your payment method. If your payment cannot be successfully processed within the 3-day grace period, access to the subscription will discontinue. To reinstate your subscription access and retain your personalized study plan, notes, and reports, purchase another subscription using the same log-in credentials.

Can I get a partial refund for a purchased subscription if I cancel mid-month?
PPI offers a 3-day (all subscription options except weekly) or 1-day (weekly) risk-free trial on all subscriptions. You can cancel your subscription at any time during the 3-day or 1-day trial. If you cancel at any subsequent time, your subscription will continue until the end of the current term. Your credit card will not be charged again after you cancel your subscription. No refunds will be processed.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Navigate to My Subscription, log in to your PPI account, select the "Cancel" option for the subscription, and complete the cancellation process. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation. Your access to the subscribed products will continue until the end of the current subscribed term. There are no refunds, no further payments will be processed. If you need assistance with your cancellation, PPI Customer Support is available to help you too. Email directly using our Contact Us tool or call (650) 593-9119. We are available to support you Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., PT.

If I cancel my subscription will I lose access on the day of cancellation?
No. Your access will continue until the end of the current subscribed term. 

Can I cancel my subscription to one product contained in a subscription bundle?
No. There is not an option to cancel a partial subscription.  If you cancel your subscription, access to all products that are part of the subscription will end at the end of the term.

What happens if the price of the subscription changes while I'm still subscribed?
If you continue your subscription, uninterrupted, your original pricing will remain the same.  If your subscription is cancelled or expires, you will need to pay the current retail price for any new purchase.

If I use a promo code on a subscription, will the discount be applied to future renewal payments?
No. When you use a promo code on subscriptions, the discount will apply to the first payment only. Future renewals will be charged at the prediscounted subscription price.