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How to Prepare for FE Exam Day

September 23, 2020
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For some people, taking exams can be stressful, no matter how well prepared they are. Taking steps to understand the exam process can help ease that stress. Here are some tips and suggestions for preparing for exam day.

A Few Days Before the FE Exam

As you are wrap up your  FE exam review, consider familiarizing yourself with the exam center, visit the testing center building, parking areas, examination room, and restrooms.

Prepare two examination kits (See “What to Bring to the Exam”). The first kit includes items that can be left in your assigned locker (e.g., your admittance letter, photo ID, and extra calculator batteries). The second kit includes items that should be left in your car in case you need them (e.g., copy of your application, warm sweater, and extra snacks or beverages).

The Day Before the FE Exam

If possible, take the day before the examination off from work to relax. Do not cram the last night before your FE exam. Remember that at this point, you have done all you possibly could for your FE exam review. A good prior night’s sleep is the best way to start the examination. If you live far from the examination site, consider getting a hotel room in which to spend the night. Make sure your exam kits are packed and ready to go.

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The Day of the FE Exam

You should arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled start time. This will allow time for finding a convenient parking place, bringing your items to the testing center, and checking in.

During the Exam

Once the FE exam has started, observe the following suggestions. As you may have practiced during your FE exam review, do not spend more than four minutes working a problem. (The average time available per problem is slightly less than three minutes.) If you have not finished a question in that time, flag it for later review if you have time, and continue on. Don’t ask your proctors technical questions. Proctors are pure administrators. They don’t know anything about the exam or its subjects.

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