Everything You Need to Pass the New PE Mechanical Exam

In April 2020 the exam becomes a closed book computer-based test (CBT). These exam changes can be worrisome for some, but we have you covered! Choose your exam below to see our industry-leading exam prep options.

PE Mechanical HVAC PE Mechanical Machine Design PE Mechanical Thermal and Fluid Systems

FAQs for the PE Mechanical Exam

What is the PE Mechanical exam?

The PE Mechancial exam tests for a minimum level of competency in mechanical engineering. You need a minimum of four years of post-college work experience to be able to sit for the exam.

Is the PE Mechanical exam hard?

The PE Mechanical exam can be difficult. The exam tests your competency in all aspects of mechanical engineering and should not be taken lightly. You should plan on taking many weeks to prepare and study hard before sitting for the exam. The average pass rate first time test takers during the last exam was about 74%.

Is the PE Mechanical exam open book?

Unfortunately, no. In April 2020, the exam changes to a closed book Computer-Based Test (CBT) that will be available to take year-round. The exam topics have not changed, however, you will not be able to bring any books into the exam. Your only reference will be an electronic reference supplied by NCEES.

How long is the PE Mechanical exam?

You will have 9 hours to complete the exam which contains 80 questions.