Eligibility Requirements for the NCIDQ Exam

There are a few different routes that you can take in order to qualify for the NCIDQ exam. The CIDQ has identified several paths that candidates can take towards eligibility, making the exam accessible for a wide variety of interior design backgrounds. Even if your background doesn't fall within one of the categories they specify, the CIDQ offers phone assistance (202-721-0220) to help identify a method of qualification that works for you. 

Take a look at your options in this chart provided by the CIDQ that makes it easy to see the best route for you. 

Chart of NCIDQ Requirements


Next Steps

Once you qualify to take the NCIDQ exam, you'll need to submit your official transcriptions in addition to the Work Verification form. Then you're ready to apply! Start preparing for your exam by picking out your review materials here and reading up on more exam tips in the NCIDQ Resource Center.

More Information on the NCIDQ Exam

Find all the information you need to pass your NCIDQ exam in the NCIDQ Resource Center. 

NCIDQ Exam Tips for All Three Divisions

"The NCIDQ exam covers a very broad range of interior design subjects. This means your study most likely can’t include every practice area that could possibly come up."

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What to Expect from IDFX

"Aim to finish each question in no more than 1 minute 15 seconds. This will leave a reserve of about 20 minutes to guess unanswered questions at the end of the exam session."

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What to Expect from IDPX

"If a question appears to be fundamentally flawed, make the best choice possible under the circumstances. Flawed questions do not appear often on the exam, but when they do, they are usually discovered by the council in the grading process."

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