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Passing the FE exam is your first step to becoming a professional licensed engineer.
All of PPI's industry-leading FE exam prep materials are available in easy-to-use
eLearning platform—PPI Learning Hub.



Comprehensive, Trusted & Up-to-Date Content

  • Access to the #1 FE Review Manuals
  • Thousands of practice problems by top industry experts and professionals
  • Video lectures & problem-solving demonstrations to review core concepts
  • All materials match current NCEES exam specifications
FE LearningHub


FE LearningHub

Effective Exam Preparation

  • A skillfully-created study space with diagnostic tests that help you maximize your exam preparation efforts
  • NCEES-like exam simulations, boost your chances to pass
  • Reports to help provide you with feedback and reduce perseveration of errors


Tailored to be Convenient

  • Anytime, anywhere. Access on PC or on Mac
  • Email assistance always
FE LearningHub




Prep materials on PPI Learning Hub are engineered to work together for a comprehensive exam prep experience. You'll get access to:


  Logo1 Personalized Study Plans map to your exam date and keep you on track.
  Logo2 Diagnostic Exams identify strengths and weaknesses to focus review.
  Logo3 Web books of PPI’s industry-leading review manuals strengthen understanding of knowledge area concepts and end of chapter problems reinforce comprehension and application.
  Logo4 Quiz Generator lets examinees create custom quizzes from thousands of unique problems to master problem-solving skills.
  Logo5 Flashcards support recall of important concepts.
  Logo6 NCEES-like practice exam helps you simulate exam day and test your exam readiness to build exam day confidence.