What to Bring to the NCEES FE Exam

To be admitted to the NCEES FE exam, you must bring a current, signed, government-issued photographic identification. This is typically a driver’s license or passport. A student ID card is not acceptable for admittance. The first and last name on the photographic ID must match the name on your appointment confirmation letter. NCEES recommends that you bring a copy of your appointment confirmation letter in order to speed up the check in process. In most cases, Pearson VUE will email this to you, or you can download it from your MyNCEES account, 2–3 weeks prior to the exam date.

What Pearson VUE Will Provide on the Day of the FE Exam

Pearson VUE staff may visually examine any approved item without touching you or the item. In addition to the items provided at the testing center, the following items are permitted during the FE exam.

  • earplugs
  • noise-cancelling headphones
  • tissues
  • reusable, erasable notepad and compatible writing instrument to use for scratchwork during the exam

What to Bring to the FE Exam (Kit #1)

  • your ID (same one used for admittance to the exam)
  • key to your test center locker
  • NCEES-approved calculator without a case
  • inhaler
  • cough drops and prescription and nonprescription pills, including headache remedies, all unwrapped and not bottled, unless the packaging states they must remain in the packaging
  • eyeglasses (without cases) and eyedrops
  • pillows and cushions
  • light sweaters or jackets

What Else to Bring to the FE Exam (Kit #2)

Depending on your situation, any of the following items may prove useful but should be left in your test center locker.

  • calculator batteries
  • contact lens wetting solution
  • spare calculator
  • spare reading glasses
  • loose shoes or slippers
  • extra set of car keys
  • eyeglass repair kit, including a small screwdriver for fixing glasses (or removing batteries from your calculator)
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