FE Mechanical Prep Course Testimonials

FE Mechanical prep course testimonials

"The live online review course is excellent and well worth the money. The course really provided the structure and focus that I needed to cover the material for the exam."--Colleen, 2017 FE Mechanical student

"I took the FE exam last week and just found out that I passed today. I enjoyed the class and lectures and found it to be very informative and helpful in helping me to recollect everything I've learned in the past college years. Thanks, and I am sure the other students in the class are well prepared as well after doing the online review course."--Anthony, 2016 FE Mechanical student

"This course did a very good job of helping me prepare for the FE exam. You are provided with all the tools necessary to pass the exam, and the instructor is very knowledgeable about the material as well as exam-taking strategies."--Joshua, 2016 FE Mechanical student

"This course provides a solid review of what material will be needed to know to pass the FE exam. The online portion provides a good general overview of the material and instructor walks through numerous examples. Definitely expect to devote a lot of time to going through the review books and questions on one's own to gain a more in-depth understanding. --Gavin, 2017 FE Mechanical student


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