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    We leverage over 45 years of FE exam prep experience to design prep courses that offer you a thorough review of every NCEES exam topic. Our professional engineers have real-world experience and will guide you through each step of your exam prep. Choose between Live Online courses and OnDemand courses to fit your lifestyle.

    Your guided review covers all NCEES FE Environmental exam topics. Every PPI course comes with:

    • Education from professional engineers. Includes 70+ hours of lectures, problem-solving demonstrations, exam strategy sessions, and office hours.
    • Trusted exam prep materials designed to help you pass. You’ll receive reference materials, homework assignments, detailed class notes plus NCEES handbook, as well as access to PPI’s state-of-the-art Learning Hub.
    • A passing guarantee. When you take a Live Online course, we guarantee you will pass, or you can take the OnDemand course for free.

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    Feel Supported in Your Journey

    PPI guides you every step of the way

    PPI guides you every step of the way—from the second you enroll until you pass your exam. We take the stress out of your study plan.

    PPI Learning Hub

    We provide you with immediate access to course videos and materials

    You also receive access to PPI's state-of-theart Learning Hub. This comprehensive online learning system includes a quiz generator with hundreds of problems, realistic practice exams, and web versions of your reference manual and practice problems books engineered to help you pass.

    Learn At Your Pace

    PPI strategically schedules our Live Online courses

    PPI strategically schedules our Live Online courses over a span of three months to ensure you have enough time for homework and can properly retain the information you need. With PPI, there's no need to cram for your exam.

    Always Up-to-Date

    PPI works around-the-clock to ensure course and homework materials are kept current and up-to-date with NCEES exam specifications.

    Decades of Experience

    We’ve taken 45+ years of engineering experience and put that into our courses.

    We’ve taken 45+ years of engineering experience and put that into our courses. Your homework assignments from our #1 reference manuals and practice materials will effectively reinforce all the concepts you need to pass.


    PPI offers flexible risk-free enrollment

    PPI offers flexible risk-free enrollment if you are waiting to hear back about pass/fail or exam application results. You can also inquire about payment plans and group discounts.


    A great comprehensive review with a diverse class and knowledgeable instructor. It covered all the sections, gave great conceptual information on the topics, and excellent practical advice about taking the exam. Highly recommend it, especially if you have been away from an academic setting for a few years.

    - Calvin W.

    I don't think I could have stayed on track studying without this online review course. I tried to attend all of the live lectures, but it was nice that if you had to miss a lecture, you could watch the recording later. This course really made me feel confident going into the exam, and I would recommend it to anyone!

    - Ryan C.

    This course does a good job covering the material on the exam. The required homework is also a good starting point to get you prepared. The best preparation tool I found is working as many problems as possible. The homework and the suggested problems from PPI go a long way. Also, the instructor was very helpful with any questions that were asked.

    - Joshua