FE Electrical and Computer Exam Prep Course Testimonials

"This course did a great job preparing me for the exam after being out of school for several years. I found the homework, quiz bank, and practice exam problems were much more challenging than the actual exam itself...making it feel easy in comparison."--Michael, 2017 FE Electrical student

"Our instructor Mounir was awesome. Really knowledgeable and explained everything really well. I liked the schedule and homework, readings, etc. Helped to keep my studying on track."--Chad, 2017 FE Electrical student

"This course helped me tremendously! It’s hard for me to make and follow my own study schedule. The structure of the class was what I needed, and it was very beneficial to me. If you’ve been out of school for a few years, this is the course to take. I passed right after taking this course! The course is set up to make you accountable for the homework and quizzes, same as an online class, giving you the structure you need. Thanks PPI!"--Joey, 2016 FE Electrical student

"If you have been out of school for a couple of years, this course is extremely beneficial. It contains a comprehensive review of all my undergraduate coursework. Combined with suggested study schedules, it helped tremendously. The best tools that came with this course were the quiz generator and the practice exams. I utilized these extensively, and have no doubt that they were instrumental to my preparations. I took the FE exam roughly a month after the end of the course and passed!"--Phillip, 2016 FE Electrical student


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