FE Civil Exam Prep Course Testimonials

"The course helped me a ton and taught me so much about all of the different sections and knowledge areas. It made me more familiar with the reference manual too. The quiz banks are awesome and I highly recommend using those resources to make you become more familiar with different types of problems. The professor also goes above and beyond to make sure we all understand everything. Thank you for everything!"--Taylor, 2017 FE Civil student

"The forum is a powerful tool for class discussions. It is very beneficial to see what other students are asking the instructor about. The instructor gets back to forum posts quickly and very thoroughly. One time my instructor even sent me a personal email on top of his forum response to make sure I was understanding. Really shows they go the extra mile for the students."--Drake, 2017 FE Civil student

"The FE test has been looming over me for about 12 years. I never took it out of college, and took it once in 2006 (without any preparation) and failed. Over the last three years I have been taking meager, and often disheartening, stabs at studying. I was glad to learn about your class, which is one of few appropriate for people who have been out of school for a while. I found it was particularly good at keeping me on pace and moving through the subjects. I learned yesterday that I passed the test! It is an incredible weight off. Thank you so much for all of your help."--Cate, 2016 FE Civil student

"The course was very informative. The quiz bank, assessment, and final exam is a must do, and do as many quiz bank questions as possible. Very helpful on the exam. The online question are very similar to the actual FE test."--Alexander, 2016 FE Civil student


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