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PPI Learning Hub: The Learning Hub is more than an eLearning platform—it is a time-tested program that guides examinees through their exam prep from start to finish.

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What Our Customers Say

"The course lectures and Learning hub were incredibly useful in studying for the exam. I will suggest this service to everyone!"
ARE Customer
“PPI is a very useful studying tool! The way that it's broken down really helps one focus on their studies!”
ARE Customer
“I like the site and I will recommend it to anyone I know."
"I just wanted to say thank you for going above and beyond to help us out in the class. You teaching the material and your explanations actually made the exam EASY! Not only did taking your class help with the exam, it made me a better structural engineer. So regardless if I pass or not, thank you!"
PE Mechanical Customer
"This course is a must for everyone. It is much more difficult than the actual test, but it will leave no stone unturned. You WILL be prepared for the exam if you attend the lectures and do the homework."
"The structure provided by the course is what I needed to force myself to sit down and study. The knowledge and test-taking tips from the instructor were very helpful. Course notes were a great reference on the exam. Quite often, class examples were very representative of actual exam problems."
PE Mechanical Customer
“The instructor was very knowledgeable in the exam topic areas and answered all questions. The course materials were very helpful in learning what will be on the exam. It was often more difficult than the actual exam questions, but they will prepare you for the test."
"I chose PPI over other online courses because the schedule allowed me time to review material I was weak on. This course comes highly recommended from myself and colleagues. Stick to the schedule and work all the homework problems. The instructor was helpful, engaging, and responded quickly to questions."
"I don't think I could have stayed on track studying without this online review course. You definitely have to put in extra hours to complete the homework, but I really didn't feel overwhelmed by the time spent in the lectures and studying outside of it. If you have to miss a lecture, you can watch the recording and still get credit for attendance. This course really made me feel confident going into the exam, and I would recommend it to anyone!"
"I would definitely recommend this course to a friend or coworker. The course provided many homework problems and a lot of valuable study material. The instructor was great and answered many questions during office hours. Tips provided in the course were very useful!"
FE Chemical Customer

"The organization and schedule of classes was the most beneficial part of the course. I would not have been so motivated to study if I was doing it by myself."

FE Chemical Customer
"I've been out of college for about five years now, and it was hard becoming a student again. However, this class helped me get my confidence back. I wish I had my PPI instructor in college!"

"I had taken the exam twice before and was struggling to maintain consistent study habits amidst my busy work schedule, so I am very glad that I paid the money to take this course. It was well worth the expense and the time.” 

April B.
"The PPI review was an essential tool when studying for the PE exam. The course was fast paced and compact when covering material. It was a great refresher for material and subject matter that I had not used in over 4 years."
Abigail C.
"PPI provided me with the resources and confidence I needed to take the exam!"
Jessie D.
"I enjoyed taking this course! It was a great way to brush up on some over looked materials and prepare the students for the exam. The professor was very personable. I enjoyed having multiple references to study such as pre recorded videos, live lectures, the book and the learning hub."
"Learning Hub is awesome and it gives you the opportunity to access hundreds of practice problems for the exam."
Michael E.
"PPI's PE Chemical Prep Course was amazing. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about taking the PE Chemical exam. After the course and using the provided learning hub, I felt well prepared for the test."
Derrick W.
"This was one of the better prep courses I've taken. The instructor was very helpful and the use of the Learning Hub definitely aided in understanding the material."
"The course lectures and Learning hub were incredibly useful in studying for the exam. I will suggest this service to everyone!"
ARE Customer
“PPI is a very useful studying tool! The way that it's broken down really helps one focus on their studies!”

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