Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the portal to find update and corrections for the books I own?

To find corrections and updates for your book, please select your exam on the sidebar of this page. Books with available corrections and updates will be posted here as they are verified.

How do I report errors?

Suspected errors can be reported in our Error Reporting Portal for all products. You can also reports suspected errors you find in the PPI Learning Hub using the "Report Error" option when viewing the solutions.

I reported an error, but I don't see it on the Corrections and Updates Portal?

PPI's subject matter experts and authors review all reported errata. If they verify an error, they will provide PPI with the appropriate correction(s) for posting.

My book says when I report errata, I get a response from the Author? I did not get any feedback.

If a clarification is required, an author or subject matter expert may contact you directly, otherwise, they will communicate corrections directly to PPI and we will post them.

How often are corrections posted?

Verified errors are posted monthly.

My book already has these corrections, why is that?

If your books has been corrected, PPI made the decision to update that error when they reprinted the book.

My eTextbook is different than the physical book, why is that?

PPI updates digital products immediately with verified corrections. Digital products include eTextbooks, web books, and other online resources found in the PPI Learning Hub.