Welcome to PPI’s Corrections and Updates Portal.

PPI strives to offer you the most up-to-date and correct information available. Our new product and product update process is rigorous: it includes authors and subject matter experts, technical reviews, editing, and proofreading and still - there are errors. Some products need updates soon after launch and as embarrassing as that is, we are most concerned about our customers getting the correct information on a timely basis.

On PPI’s Corrections and Updates Portal you will find corrections for physical books that have been brought to our attention and validated, and other exam related updates that we want to share to keep you informed.

If you suspect you have found an error that is not listed on these pages, please use our Error Reporting Portal to communicate your discovery. Each error is forwarded to the appropriate author or subject matter expert for verification. If an error is verified, corrections are incorporated into our digital products immediately and posted to this Corrections and Updates Portal under that product.

Your assistance with reporting errors, suggestions for improvements, and requests for clarification is greatly appreciated.


PPI Product Team