PPI offers 15% off of many items to active military personnel all year long.

It's simple.


1. Login with an active military email address (see below).


@af.mil @dod.mil @ng.mil
@africom.mil @dodiis.mil @nga.mil
@arlingtoncemetery.mil @dodlive.mil @norad.mil
@army.mil @dsca.mil @osd.mil
@cac.mil @dss.mil @pentagon.mil
@capmed.mil @dtic.mil @pentagonchannel.mil
@centcom.mil @eb.mil @soc.mil
@darpa.mil @health.mil @southcom.mil
@dau.mil @jcs.mil @tricare.mil
@dcaa.mil @jsf.mil @usafa.edu
@dcma.mil @mail.mil @us.af.mil
@defenseimagery.mil @marines.mil @uscg.mil
@dfas.mil @mda.mil @uscga.edu
@dia.mil @militaryonesource.mil @usma.edu
@disa.mil @move.mil @usna.edu
@dla.mil @nationalguard.mil @usuhs.mil
@dma.mil @navy.mil @usace.army.mil  



2. Shop at ppi2pass.com and add your items to your cart.

3. Your Military Discount will automatically be applied to all eligible items. 

Please note not all items are not eligible for discounts, and multiple promotions can not be applied.

For more information about discountable items, please review our promotional policies.

If you have questions or if your military email extention is not listed, please contact us at info@ppi2pass.com.


Thank you for trusting PPI.