Customizable Book Tabs (TABPPI)

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Copyright: 2011
Page Count: 24 Tabs
Format: Tabs
Dimensions: 1 1/4 x 1/2
  • Editors of PPI

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    Various editors of PPI have collaborated on this product.
  • Customizable Book Tabs (TABPPI)

    Quickly locate important information on exam day with these 24 customizable, crack-and-peel book tabs from PPI.

    The Ideal Tool for Organizing Information in Your References

    • Simple to affix to a book page

    • Easily customizable and attractive

    • Tear resistant thanks to their special design

    Please note: Not all state boards allow the use of tabbed reference materials during exams. Confirm with your state board whether you are permitted to use tabbed references.

    This product is non-returnable.

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    Customer Reviews (View All - 6)

    Tabs are tabs Review by Lillian
    While these tabs are quite nice, it seems that a tab is a tab. Seems you should get more tabs in the pack, especially if you purchase them with a review course. (Posted on 12/20/12)

    Works great if you know what you are doing... Review by Joe F.
    I bought these tabs in the hopes of being able to tab my PE text with custom written labels but, as the other reviewer noted, it is a bit of a challenge to use pen or markers on these tabs. After giving it the college try at making these things work I finally hit paydirt after some experimentation using my laser printer.

    I tried taping the tab sheet to a piece of paper after making my custom table in MS Word and just running it through my printer. Problem was, that doesn't work too well - tab sheet shifts/slides a bit leaving blurry/distorted text on the tabs.

    I will make a long story short buy getting right to the point of what works like a champ. Create a table in MS Word with invisible borders and set your font size to around 10 pt. Type in some sample tab titles and print them out on a blank sheet of paper. Next, pull off an individual tab and place the yellow region of the tab over top of the text to make sure the text fits properly. BTW, It helps if you use high-grade paper for this process.

    Once you get your text size, positioning, and alignment squared away, pull off each individual PPI tab from the sheet and align so the text on the sheet is exactly where you want it. Next, press down gently on the adhesive part so that you can remove them from your paper sheet prior to placing them on the pages of your reference material.

    Place the sheet with the tabs in the laser printer tray and print away. The text should line up perfectly on your tab. Gently peel the tab off the sheet of paper (trim the tab with a scissors if you want) and place on the particular page you'd like to tab and voila. Instant perfect tab.

    The process works like a champ but is a bit time consuming. After a bit of practice I feel like an expert tabber.

    Tabs look great and work wonderfully.

    Btw, I tried to erase the laser printed text using acetone and ran into a bit of trouble. If you find yourself in need of removing the printed text from the tab I found that a dry cloth and a tiny bit of 'elbow grease' takes the text off very quickly.

    I am giving 5-stars to these tabs. If you can master the procedure I outlined above you will absolutely love these tabs. (Posted on 9/5/12)