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What is the PPI Affiliate Sales Partner Program?

The easy-to-join PPI Affiliate Sales Program allows your organization to receive up to a 15% commission* on eligible exam review products published by PPI.

PPI welcomes affiliate sales partners who promote PPI-published products and prepare their members for exam success.

If your organization members are engineers, architects, or interior designers — PPI has a program that will help you support and facilitate their pursuit of licensure.

How Does it Work?

  • Apply
    Complete and submit an application below to become a PPI Affiliate Sales Partner.
  • Review
    PPI will review your application within two business days. Eligible affiliates will receive an email scheduling a quick kick-off phone call to receive your unique Promo Code.
  • Promote
    PPI Affiliate Sales Partners are responsible for promoting PPI-published products and their unique Promo Code.
  • Earn
    Earn a commission on all qualified purchases that use your organization's unique Promo Code.

PPI Affiliate Sales Partner Program Application

Complete and submit an application today!

PPI does not sell or distribute contact information to third parties.