Frequently Asked Questions

What FE exams does FE Prep University offer programs for?
We offer programs for all seven (7) FE exams (Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Computer, Environmental, Industrial, Mechanical, and Other Disciplines).

What online products does each student receive as part of their FE Prep University product bundle?
Each student receives a Review Manual web book, Practice Problems web book, two practice exams, a quiz generator, diagnostic exams, flashcards, and a custom study schedule.

What is a group?
A group is 5 or more students with a University administrator. Groups can be made up of students in different disciplines. Each group has a unique group code. The code is distributed to the students by the administrator to enroll. The group also has start and end dates during which time students can enroll in the group, access special pricing, and report results to their administrator.

How long does each student have access to the FE Prep University platform and products?
4 months. If the student purchases, their access begins immediately. If an administrator puchases a product key to distribute to a student, the access begins once the student redeems their product key.

Is there a minimum number of students needed in order to enroll in FE Prep University?
Yes. Your program must have a qualified group administrator (such as a professor, dean, or student group leader), as well as a minimum of five (5) students.

What products can the group administrator view student reports on?
Student activity reports are available for the Diagnostic Exams, Quiz Generator, and Practice Exams.

Still have questions and need support?
PPI Customer Support is available to support you Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., PT. Email directly using our Contact Us tool or call (650) 593-9119.