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Here are some services and sources of information that we think will be helpful to you as you approach the licensing process, your exam, and your engineering career.

  • Site Map and Search Feature. These two tools will prove invaluable for navigating the PPI website. The search feature is accessible in the upper right corner throughout our website. Simply type your search terms, click the “Search” button, and find a wealth of useful, related information.
  • FE/EIT Exam FAQs | Civil PE Exam FAQs | Mechanical PE Exam FAQs | Electrical PE Exam FAQs | Other FAQs. Don't leave this site until you've read the FAQs for your exam—you're guaranteed to learn something useful. If you have questions about the exam or any aspect of the licensing process, chances are you'll find the answer among the hundreds of frequently asked questions we address.
  • Errata. This page lists known corrections to PPI publications. Use it to update your books as you study.
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  • From Those Who've Been There: FE/EIT Exam Advice | Civil PE Exam Advice | Mechanical PE Exam Advice | Electrical PE Exam Advice | Other PE Exam Advice. Engineers who have taken the exams contribute their thoughts on everything exam-related: how to prepare, what to study, which books to use, why earplugs are essential, and so on.
  • Qualifying to Take the Licensing Exams. The rules and requirements for taking the exams can be confusing. Here's a to-the-point discussion of education and residency requirements, qualifying work experience, how to obtain references, applying for reciprocity and comity, and license renewal.
  • Preparing for the PE Exam: A Checklist. Following these 30 steps will put you on track for PE exam success.
  • Online References. This list of potentially useful online exam preparation resources is broken down by exam.
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  • Why Buy from PPI? Sure, we'd like you to buy our products directly from our site, but if you're wondering why you should, here are a few good reasons.
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