SE Exam Course Testimonials

SE prep course testimonials

"I would definitely recommend this review course as a good way to stay on track with your studies. There were a lot of items that I am sure I wouldn't have studied to the extent needed without this course. The supplemental documents recommended by the instructors were also very helpful references when taking the actual exam. If I pass, I would definitely attribute my success to this review course."--Cole R., PPI SE student

"Material is nicely outlined and instructors are very knowledgeable. Seems as if they recently have taken the SE exam too, so that helps with the presentation."--Gregory A., PPI SE student

"I have been waiting a LONG time for PPI to put this course together! Overall, the course was GREAT! The content in the course benefited me on the exam and for self-improvement. The instructors express a passion for engineering and learning."--Terry T., PPI SE student

"The instructors were animated and very helpful. The volume of material they cover is mind blowing. PPI does a good job of organizing the time to hit all the key topics."--David D., PPI SE student

"I would highly recommend this SE review course. The instructors know their stuff, the homework is thorough, and participating in the classes is very helpful. This review course has made me a better structural engineer."--Michael H., PPI SE student

"This course package came with great study materials. I did not have to buy tons of other text books. The review course really made a difference in the areas where I had no work experience like Bridges, Pre-stress, Timber and Masonry. This review course helped me fill that gap."--Ishan G., PPI SE student

"I just wanted to say thank you for going over and beyond to help us out in the class. You teaching the material and your explanations actually made the exam EASY! Without saying too much about the exam, let’s just say your seismic concrete design handouts were very beneficial. But not only did taking your class help with the exam, it made me a better structural engineer. So regardless if I pass or not, thank you."--Joel G., PPI SE student


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