SE Depth Problem Solving Videos - Ends 4/18/20 (SEVLDVAXA)

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Course End Date Apr 19, 2020
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  • SE Depth Problem Solving Videos - Ends 4/18/20 (SEVLDVAXA)

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    Step-by-Step Problem Solving for the SE Depth Building Exams

    The Afternoon Depth modules of the Structural Engineering (SE) exam consist of four essay problems that must be answered in four hours. For many, they are the most difficult questions on an already challenging exam—in fact, one “unacceptable” answer could be the difference between passing and failing.

    In these videos, follow along as SE exam expert Andy Lin, PE, SE provides step-by-step solutions and guidance on solving problems you’re likely to encounter on the afternoon depth exams. Each video ranges in length from 30-45 minutes and walks you through one depth problem.

    Each Video Includes:

    • Step-by-step analysis and solution of an exam-like depth problem and all sub-problems

    • Demonstration of successful problem solving techniques

    • Time management strategies

    • SE exam information and advice

    Topics Include:

    • Lateral Forces (Buildings) – General Analysis

    • Lateral Forces (Buildings) – Steel Structure

    • Vertical Forces (Buildings) – Steel Structure

    • Vertical Forces (Buildings) – Wood Structure

    Videos are viewable across all devices in any browser for seamless viewing at home or on the go.

    In the most recent NCEES SE exam administration, only 36% of Buildings examines passed. Let PPI help improve your chances of passing by tackling some of the most difficult exam questions!


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