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NCEES announces price reduction for FE, FS exams in 2018

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December 2017 


2016 FS Pass Rates 1st Time Takers Repeat Takers   2016 PS Pass Rates 1st Time Takers Repeat Takers
FS 49% 23%   PS 75% 36%

May 2017


Starting July 1, 2017, the computer-based FE and FS exams introduce a new testing component: alternative item types (AITs). Alternative item types are incorporated into the FE, FS, and PS practice exams.

AITs are questions other than traditional multiple-choice questions. All computer-based exams will incorporate commonly used alternative item types that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Multiple correct options—allows multiple choices to be correct
  • Point and click—requires examinees to click on part of a graphic to answer
  • Drag and drop—requires examinees to click on and drag items to match, sort, rank, or label
  • Fill in the blank—provides a space for examinees to enter a response to the question
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May 2017