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"The course is a very thorough and covers a lot of subjects. The homework reinforces material covered in class and provides additional information. The instructors are very helpful and willing to help. They also give good test day tips. I would recommend this course."--Daniel, May 2017

"This course is time consuming and overwhelming in terms of the amount of classes and homework. But that is what is required to learn the material for the SE. I think what I liked the most about this class was the forums and the availability of the instructors, you feel like everyone is in this together and it makes it a little less daunting. Start the homework early; there is a lot of it. If you can keep up on homework, you will have time to study things on your own as well, which is required to learn everything. There is so much material on the exam they cannot cover it all in the class, but they definitely do their best. The instructors were always available and excited to teach the material. Definitely worth it! "--Chelsea, May 2017

"Material is nicely outlined and instructors are very knowledgeable. Seems as if they recently have taken the SE exam too, so that helps with the presentation."--Phatso, December 2016

"This course was a great way for me to shake the dust off of some old skills and learn a great deal of new ones. There is a tremendous amount of material covered and consequently the pace of the lectures is very fast. Fortunately, they are recorded and I was able to go back and watch the parts where I lost focus, or just got lost. If I had it to do again, I would schedule more time to spend on the homework so that I had time available to work extra problems. It is a LOT of homework in the first several weeks and I was playing catch up for the rest of the course. This kept me from feeling like I could spend extra time on my weaknesses. Hopefully I will not need the guarantee, but it served as an incentive to get through assignments. Without a question, the homework was the best test prep that I did. For future attendees my suggestion is to take the practice exam at least a week before the exam, so you have a chance to address the weaknesses that it reveals. Being caught up on the homework is imperative for this to happen."--Brad, November 2016

"I have been waiting a LONG time for PPI to put this course together!!! I took the Building - Gravity and Lateral. Overall, the course was GREAT!! The content in the course benefited me on the exam and for self-improvement. The instructors express a passion for engineering and learning. "--Terry, May 2016

"I would highly recommend this SE review course. The instructors know their stuff, the homework is thorough, and participating in the classes is very helpful. This review course has made a better structure engineer."--Michael, November 2015

"I enrolled in just the vertical day of the prep course, as I am taking one day of the SE exam at a time. When deciding to purchase the prep course, since I was only taking one day, I expressed concerns that the prep course was not broken down into the two areas (vertical and lateral). I decided to enroll anyway, and I am glad I did. With the live course, you get the materials you need (aside from the required codes) to prepare for the test. I was not prepared for the amount of homework that was assigned, and suggested to be completed before the next lecture. I fell behind rather quickly, with working full time. I caught up during the last few weeks, when the lateral lectures were taking place. I honestly don't know how i'd have been able to finish the homework if I was taking both days. With that being said, that is not necessarily PPI's fault, because I believe you need to do the homework, plus much more example problems to be prepared for the real exam. I will be taking the lateral day, in April, and will be taking the PPI review course. This time, I will be better prepared for the volume of homework/studying. I felt that one of the most beneficial things I got from the course, being a building engineer, was the bridge review. I was able to get more comfortable with AASHTO and did better on the morning portion than I would have otherwise. I would recommend this review course to someone that works best with a set study schedule, needs a refresher on code requirements, or doesn't have much experience with a couple of the topics (wood, masonry, bridges, etc). Plus, any exam tips, from previous takers, is priceless."--Hannah, November 2015

"I just wanted to Thank Ian and Nathan for providing a great review of both gravity and lateral design."--Michael, November 2015

"This course package came with great study materials. I did not have to buy tons of textbooks. The review course really made a difference in the areas where I had no work experience like Bridges, Pre-stress, Timber and Masonry. This review course helped me fill that gap."--IG, November 2015

"I would definitely recommend this review course as a good way to stay on track with your studies. There were a lot of items that I am sure I wouldn't have studied to the extent needed without this course. The supplemental documents recommended by the instructors were also very helpful references when taking the actual exam. I gave a 4-star rating as I have not yet received my exam results, but if I pass, I would definitely attribute my success to this review course."--Cole, November 2015

"This is Joel Galindo. I was in your PPI Fall SE Review course. I just wanted to say thank you for going over and beyond to help us out in the class. You teaching the material and your explanations actually made the exam EASY! Believe it or're probably getting lots of emails about the exam. Without saying too much about the exam, let’s just say your seismic concrete design handouts were very beneficial. Nevertheless, not only did taking your class help with the exam, it made me a better structural engineer. So regardless if I pass or not, thank you."--Joel, November 2015


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