CA Seismic & Surveying Prep Courses

"The course was great. Really helped with knowing just what kind of questions would be expected on the exam, and the review material was a great reference to bring to the exam! "--Jesse

"All you need to do to pass this exam is work all of the homework problems assigned, work both of the practice exams, and go to class. Also, ask questions! The instructors are more than happy to answer them for you. The key to this exam is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE. That's about it!"--Nicholas

"The study materials are very useful. The key to pass the exam is to practice as much as you can."--Keivan

"The PPI surveying course was a good overview and provided many useful study materials. This course is particularly useful when paired with the PPI Civil PE review course since it amplifies some lessons you will have in the overall review session."--Calvin

"The course materials and all the books and documents provided is very helpful for taking the PE surveying exam. If you complete a lot of the practice problems and take the sample exams of the surveying test you will do great on the actual exam. The key to the actual exam is to be as fast as possible and solving problems. If you are not fast, you will run out of time. Fifty-five questions and 2.5 hours is a lot of questions and work to complete. The actual online courses helpful if you have never done surveying in your life and need a brush up or do a quick learning session. However the practice problems is where it's at for the test."--Piotr


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