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"The lecture with power point slides was my favorite part. The information was concise and powerful . After the class i was easily able to solve questions."--Kamal

"I feel comfortable with the knowledge I have and feel as though I'm in a good place to take the exam. I really needed the classroom setting (with homework and lectures) to keep me focused and progressing on the material."--Rachel

"I have been out of school for over 12 years, and the Thermal-Fluids PPI review course was the perfect way for me to brush up on all those topics I hadn't been exposed to since graduating college. Additionally, the online format was very convenient for me. I work full time and have a wife/2 kids, so being able to take a review course from the comfort of my home was a nice feature. I was very impressed by the whole experience, and will definitely recommend the PPI review course to my colleagues who are looking to get their PE licenses."--Eric

"This is an excellent course and is well worth the expense as long as you are willing to put the time in."--Austin

"I felt this course prepared me well for the exam. It was intense to keep up with the lectures and assignments, but proved to be valuable on exam day."--David

"This is a great review for anyone that has been out of school for any length of time. It's a great way to get brought back up to speed."--Grant

"The PPI review class will expand your subject competence and problem solving abilities beyond what will be required on the actual PE exam. The PPI review class offers a content review schedule structure to keep you on pace to review all the different subjects in advance of exam day."--Matt

"I enjoyed this course, even if it was a bunch of work! I was much more prepared for the exam than I thought I was and am very pleased with the breadth and depth of review we received via this course. Being able to ask questions at a live lecture and interact with other students in the forum was etremely helpful."--Evan

"The lectures were helpful and the ability to ask questions in real time was nice."--Philip

"Excellent Instruction, I wouldn't want any changes to the course at all. The Office hours were very useful."--Adam

"The live course was very engaging between poll problems and the live chat and forum."--Ryan

"The course was great. I feel much more confident than I did prior to the course."--Taylor

"This is a great review course. It prepares you well for the PE exam. I took the HVAC and Refrigeration exam, and felt good about the test. I would not have done nearly as well without the structure of this course. Having an instructor available for questions throughout the course was invaluable."--Bryan

"Our instructor did an extraordinary job preparing us for the exam. He was knowledgeable in all subjects that were covered, and presented in a way that was easy to understand. In addition, the tips and tricks he provided for taking the exam were invaluable come exam day."--Stephen

"This class was perfect for getting me prepared for the PE exam. The classes were well organized and the instructor was very helpful every step of the way. I could not have been more prepared entering the exam. Highly recommend."--Steven

"This course did a great job preparing me for the exam. I was able to go into the exam room feeling confident and prepared and with all the resources I could possibly need. I do not think I could have been any more prepared for the exam."--Samantha

"The PPI review course for PE Mechanical: HAVC & Refrigeration is absolutely money and time well spent. It provides great organization, focus, and commitment to help you ensure that you put in the required study and problem-solving efforts. The instructor, Neb, is out of this world awesome. He really knows his stuff and gives a great, practical approach to a successful exam day. If you're on the fence, do yourself a favor, and enroll in this course. You won't regret it."--Kevin

"Very helpful course. Would not have been able to prepare as well on my own."--Jake

"Great class that helps provide you with a schedule and topic review in order to prepare you to take the PE exam with confidence. Must put in your work on your end but if you do, this class will help."--John

"Very organized review course. Very helpful preparation for the exam."--Manuel

"Very helpful for managing my studying time and learning which topics to focus on! Excellent instructor and plenty of great resources to help you prepare. Online lectures are easy and flexible to access."--Dave

"PPI's Mechanical HVAC PE Review Course is well worth the investment. The review package they have complied for students to access is top notch. The PPI Learning Hub is a real blessing. It helps you to fit in study time where you can by having live online or on-demand classes. Plus you can create a study schedule to track your availability. It eliminates any excuse not to study. The quiz bank is designed to help you catch your mistakes and see where your weaknesses are before the actual PE exam. The final reason I recommend PPI's Review Course is the ease of accessibility. It is super convenient, and that makes it so much easier."--Jean-Pierre

"The course was great. it provided study structure leading up to the exam. There are a lot of homework problems to work through which is very helpful in relearning the material. The instructor was also very helpful and legitimately seemed interested in our success."--Daniel

"This course does a good job of covering a lot of the material covered on the exam. The required homework is also a good starting point to get you prepared. The best preparation tool I found is working as many problems as possible. So the homework, and the suggested problems from PPI go a long way. Also, the instructor was very helpful when any questions were asked."--Joshua

"I chose PPI over other online courses because the schedule allowed me time to review material I was weak on. This course comes highly recommended from myself and colleagues. Stick to the schedule and work all the homework problems. The instructor was helpful, engaging, and responded quickly to questions."--Russell

"This course covers the entire scope for the PE Machine Design and Materials Prep Course. Attend this course and work ALL of the problems and it will help."--James

"I took the thermal and fluid systems exam and passed my first time. The course is helpful but the most important part of studying is knowing how to navigate the MERM and doing practice problems. The course will focus on the heavy hitters for the exam, but you need to do studying and problems outside of the lecture too to be successful."--Matthew

"This course will definitely prepare you for the exam. The instructor's explanations are well thought out and detailed in regards to taking the PE. It is a significant investment of your time (around 15-20 hours outside of class) but it is well worth it to expose you to the types of questions you will encounter. The instructor did a great job of implanting the mindset that you need to take the test with. I recommend this course to anyone taking the PE."--Christian

"This course was great for having a structure of how to study for the test within a given timeline. Having homework that went with each subject matter was time consuming but so helpful in getting a good overview of the entire test."--Brian

"This review course will take a considerable investment of time. That being said, it is well worth it. The review materials are a good representation of what you could see on the PE exam. The live instructor feedback is valuable."--Jesse

"This course is a very valuable tool to prepare for the exam. Not only does it give a structured study plan to follow, but the instructor follows the topic breakdown, which ensures you keep up on your end as well. The class material, homework, and discussions were all great in preparation. The interaction with the instructor and other students was very helpful and gave some great insights for preparation as well as content and problem solving methods. You will not regret taking this prep course because it will make you feel absolutely ready when you enter those doors come exam day."--Michael

"This course is a great resource for studying for the PE exam. The course follows a rigorous but helpful schedule. The office hours are a great resource for anyone who needs questions answered outside of class. I felt very prepared going into the exam."--Kelly

"The course is tailored to provide a structured road map to help you review all the required materials to master the PE Exam. You still have to put in a lot of hours for studying and doing homework and additional practice problems especially for those like me who have graduated a long time ago. The instructor in particular was very helpful and his tips were solid gold. I would def. recommend him and the PPI course for future PE Exam applicants. Just remember, attending or watching the online lectures is not enough and you have to spend the needed hours to feel comfortable with the material. Good luck!"--David

"I was very rusty in all of the areas I hadn't used in my day-to-day work. I have been out if school for 30 years. The structured lectures and homework helped me get back in practice. I especially appreciated the instructor's format. He provided basic theory and techniques that were very helpful in the homework, practice exams and, of course, the actual exam. There was also good feedback and help from the other students. I had no idea AISC had such a great beam reference! It's definitely hard work but definitely worth it! I went into the exam nervous and left confident. I wouldn't have been able to do this without PPI."--Maureen

"This review course is very much rigorous, but the amount of problems and difficulty of subjects very much cover what you need to be prepared for the exam. The course also allows you to interact with other PE exam takers to be able to ask them questions and learn from other students. The instructor was very knowledgeable in the exam topic areas, especially the thermo/fluids sections, and will answer all questions. The course materials are very helpful in learning what will be on the exam and is often more difficult than actual exam questions, but will prepare you for the test."--Justin

"This course is a good review prior to taking the PE. Neb was offering valuable advice that only experience could bring. The poll problems timed and they were as close as you can be to the real exam. There were a smart way to indicate the level of preparedness for the exam. Thank you Neb for your guidance and thank you PPI for this generous initiative. I highly recommend this course to everybody who want to pursue technical career."--Ion

"This test is definitely not one to attempt without some help or guidance. PPI does a solid job of keeping attendees to a schedule and give them an overall review of required materials especially morning and breadth portion of the exam."--Thomas

"This was a good class overall. Neb was great. The best part was getting a good structure to study by, accountability for doing it, and a place to ask questions and review the concepts. I know that by taking the review course it was the reason I passed. Without it, I would not have passed. However, you also have to put in the effort. You have to make the sacrifice and do the work and study. The class is not a freebie. Three months of my life were basically put on hold. However, I passed first time and by taking this class it forced me to put in the effort. I recommend it. It is worth it in the end."--Brad

"The structure provided by the course is what I needed to force myself to sit down and study. The knowledge and test-taking tip of the instructor was very helpful. Course notes were a great reference on the exam. Quite often class examples were very representative of actual exam problems."--Kevin

"This is a must for everyone. Like many of us, I was more than rusty at most of the topics. It all comes back quickly and this course provides you with the road map to get it all back in order. The course is much more difficult than the actual test but it will leave no stone unturned. You WILL be prepared for the exam if you attend the lectures and do the homework."--Justin

"There is no better way to get to know the contents of MERM than the PPI Review Course. Highly recommended as a foundation for PE preparation."--Tamara


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