PE Environmental Prep Courses

"The instructor was professional and well prepared for each class. It was obvious that he has a passion for the practice of engineering and for helping students succeed. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout all aspects of the course. Nothing can replace a good teacher."--David

"Having taken this prep course, I was much better prepared for the breadth of questions on the exam."--Lisa

"Great review class. Very helpful and kept my studying on track for the exam."--Jessica

"This course gave me the tools I needed to study for the PE exam, including a course outline which I could use to organize my study sessions, lecture notes with example problems and homework problems that really drove home the concepts from the lectures, and test taking tips for the exam to really make me feel prepared going into the test. Lectures were also recorded so I could go back and review certain concepts that I may not have fully understood the first time around, plus the instructor was ready to answer any questions I had on a concept or problem. I would highly recommend this course to anyone preparing to take the PE exam."--Jamie

"The classes, course materials, and homework helped me immensely in my study preparation."--Elizabeth

"The PE Environmental prep course is very helpful in understanding the wide range of material that could be on the test. The test taking and problem solving strategies helped in reducing time spent inefficiently."--Steven

"I recently retired from the Army where I did not do engineering every day and it has been over 20 years since I sat in a college classroom. Additionally, I am over 10 years removed from passing the EIT. The course was invaluable preparing me to take the PE exam. The day of the exam, I knew I had made the right choice. When everyone around me was setting up their references, I noticed that EVERYONE had a PPI reference manual, regardless of the engineering discipline that they were testing for."--Julian

"I just found out I passed the Spring 2017 PE. This course is worth the investment to prepare for the exam. It helped me buckle down and invest the time I needed to study. Going into the exam I felt 75% confident and leaving the exam I was 100% sure I passed. Much of the material and homework covered during the course is harder than what is on the exam. It was a great feeling to walk of out the exam feeling like it was easy and later finding out I in fact passed. Dr. Patel was great at answering questions, going over typically tested problems, demonstrating the many ways to solve one problem, and helpful exam day tips."--Katie

"This was a very detailed course with an instructor (Dr. Kunal) who really cared about his students. I think the instruction you gain throughout the whole course is invaluable and will do so much more for you than you could accomplish studying on your own."--Heather

"The course was extremely thorough and informative and helped prepare me for the exam better than I thought I could. I have yet to receive my grades back yet but I would recommend this course to anyone needing exam preparation."--Jacob

"This course helped me get a level of confidence for the exam that I never thought I would attain. The instructor was extremely professional and not only knew his stuff but was able to explain EVERY topic with, what I can say after taking the exam, emphasis on pertinent material. The references suggested were right on the money. There wasn't a question on the exam that couldn't be answered with the recommended material. I recommend this course to everyone considering taking the PE exam!"--Abby

"The instructor's lectures were very informative, his handouts and also the PPI review materials were very valuable during the exams."--Michael

"I got my results and I passed the PE exam. Thank you. I am 100% sure I would not have passed without your instruction."--Matt

"I thought PPI gave me the confidence studying on my own has not. It was a well-rounded review course set at an acceptable time with flexible communication tools, i.e. emails from professor and online forum. Plus the interactive classroom office hours were helpful in getting questions answered or understanding more complex ideas."--Anonymous


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