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"Five stars. Focus areas were well covered and instructor always seemed enthusiastic and knowledgeable."--Douglas

"Instructor was amazing, answered questions very well, and did a good job presenting all materials. Live classes and forums extremely helpful. Also, a ton of references and additional information was shared during this course."--Andrew

"Instructor provides useful supplementary and reference materials. Problem solving and office hour sessions were very helpful in working problems and getting answers to questions on the material."--Ian

"You get what you pay for, there are cheaper options, but I found nothing better for the price and the quality/quantity of class time and information provided."--Zach

"PPI helped prepare me very well for the Electrical Power PE Exam. Most of the content was easily digestible, and the instructor was very helpful, available, and articulate."--Tyson

"Wouldn't have had a chance at passing without this course."--Michael

"I'm happy to have taken a second course from the incomparable Mounir Khatib, who guided me to pass the FE on the first attempt, 17 years after college. He's not only an electrical engineering whiz, but also a great teacher who empowers you with knowledge and skills to achieve your goal. He is full of tips to make problems straightforward. He answers emails very quickly, he responds to in-class questions patiently. The materials are also very good in this course. For economical reasons, I had taken a different course from my alma mater and did not pass the PE my first time taking it. While that other course was a good power engineering review course, there were enough topics simply not covered or covered at such a theoretical level as to be impractical for the exam. The PPI course was broad as well as practical. Every lecture has you actively participating in problem solving. This is so key, as no engineer's practice area is as broad as the exam and most engineers rely heavily on software for the type of problems that the exam requires you to solve by hand. I can't say enough good things about this course. After my first exam attempt I was distraught, but this time I was quite calm and I am looking forward to receiving a passing score in a few weeks time."--Sarah

"The course was well organized and helped me keep a constant study schedule and pace leading up to the test. Our instructor was very patient and well versed in the material and test strategies."--Randall

"This course was very helpful. I really liked the assigned homework. It made it easy to focus on specific topics and pace myself as I studied. The instructor was very helpful in answering any questions that I had in the course forum or during office hours."--Ben

"The course is well designed with a lot of relevant engineering material; for the exam and as an electrical engineer. The instructor was knowledgeable, patient and timely."--Julian

"The course does a good deal of review and gives structure for focusing on passing the exam. The instructor gives coaching tips that helped during the examination. The material provided covers the power exam extensively. Hope I passed!"--Dolly

"The review course helped me study and the problems were very useful to me. I hope to pass the PE exam just like I passed the FE exam after taking the FE review course."--Charles

"Great review course!!! It provided me with a complete review of the topics needed for completing the exam."--Pavel

"This course provided me a structured and organized method for getting me back into the groove of studying and forcing me to complete the homework and attend the classes. This course did provide the motivation needed to put the time in that is needed to prepare for the exam."--Eric

"I took this course without having a power background. Overall, I was able to understand the material presented and apply it to my test. I had taken the test before and after taking the course, I definitely improved my score."--Andrea

"The class materials are extremely helpful for the PE exam. It has provided me a good review after many years not touching the stuff. The sample problems are especially useful from the perspective of passing the exam. Thanks Gregg."--Baofu

"PPI was a great course and provided me all the reference material I needed to attempt the PE Power exam. Hopefully the test results come back positive!"--Cory

"The course gives you structure. Helping you focus on the important topics for the exam. Do the assignments, listen to the lectures, put in the time & you will pass the exam. Well worth the money."--Scott

"The structured class helped me to focus on the important topics covered in the exam. The resources provided were great in helping me apply the concepts to exam-type questions."--Christopher

"I took this course in preparation of the April 2016 exam. I found the course to be of great value, especially for someone who was taking the exam for the first time. I valued the syllabus structure immensely as I did not even know where to start preparing prior to this course. The structure of the course (generally two 3-hour sessions a week over a few months) allowed me to study while working without completely overloading myself. The materials acquired in this course were also incredibly useful for exam prep and execution. That being said, I would recommend seeking one or two additional practice exams as I feel a bit more exposure to exam-like questions would have been useful."--Kevin

"I really enjoyed the class. It was very helpful to engage with other test takers, as well as keep my studying on schedule. I have two small children, so having a class that helped me with time management was wonderful! It also helped prevent me from spending too much time on one topic."--Michael

"Thank you for your help in passing the Power PE Exam. You led an excellent course and I left feeling well prepared for the exam. This was my first time taking the PE and was able to pass on the first try. Many thanks to the PPI staff for putting this course together."--Tim

"My ability to pass was directly attributed to Gregg’s instruction and tips. Just wanted to thank you and express just how beneficial the course was."--Ken

"Thanks for a great preparation package and PE Electrical Power course by Bobby Rauf. I waited a long time since graduation (15 years) and thought I had no chance to pass on my first try. All I took into the exam was the PPI course material package, course notes and homework - Result=Passed! "--Jonathan

"Just got home from taking the PE exam here in Pittsburgh, PA and wanted to thank you for preparing our group for the exam. If I passed, it was due to the review course. Without the review, I don’t think I had a prayer of passing. Once again THANKS!"--Leslie


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