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"The teacher motivates us to stay focused on studying, which is normally very hard to balance with family time and work. He was very entertaining during class and kept us motivated and paying attention to the class even when it was late and we were tired."--Erika

"My favorite part was interacting with the instructor and classmates. It helped getting answers on my questions from everyone."--Chris

"Great course with a great instructor. The structured course outline helped me maintain focus and stick to a schedule amidst the chaos of normal life."--Abigail

"Great class to get prepared for the PE exam. The professors know the material and will do everything to help you pass. Definitely worth the time and effort."--Robert

"I really think I nailed the morning section. I think I passed the afternoon as well, but I felt awesome walking away at lunch. I had an answer for everything! Thank you for challenging me and showing me that I needed to work at this, from the start. I'm glad I got to work through so many problems and all the material you threw at me."--RuthAnne

"It was a great course. The instructor simplified and made the breadth portion look easy, providing valuable tips and strategies every session and tackling a wide variety of problems. Made the course overall a success!"--Nikhil

"The lectures were very helpful and refreshing of the material that I had not seen since graduating college."--William

"The instructors method of presenting and marking up slides was very clear and easy to read. The additional information presented by the instructor other than that shown on the slides was really helped."--Farouq

"Instructors were amazing, both live and OnDemand."--Angela

"I found this course to be very helpful in preparing for the PE Exam. The course was focused on the NCEES specs for the exam and thus was focused on helping you pass. The format allowed you to watch the classes live or recorded so you could make it fit any schedule. I felt adequately prepared for the exam and feel that the structure of the course was crucial to keeping my studying on track."--Stephen

"Course was structured well and focuses on all disciplines equally. Materials provided were very useful for the exam. On exam day I felt very prepared and thought that the exam was relatively easy after taking the course."--Tim

"This course will get you on the right track. Be prepared for many hours studying so that you can get through all the material. It's an investment in YOU."--Emily

"The course was great. Really helped with knowing just what kind of questions would be expected on the exam, and the review material was a great reference to bring to the exam!"--Jesse

"This was a great class. It helps a lot to complete the PE syllabus. This class will guide you and provide you with a well-planned schedule so that in 3.5 month you are ready for the exam."--Saidul

"Great overall course that kept me on track and made the exam preparation less stressful. I felt confident going into the exam and would recommend taking this course. The instructor was very helpful, knowledgeable and responded to questions in a timely manner."--Justin

"Absolutely necessary for passing the PE Exam; I felt so confident taking the exam after taking this course. My instructor made the course enjoyable. Just keep up with the classes and do ALL the homework and you’re sure to pass."--Michelle

"This course takes dedication to attend the classes, do homework, and maintain your own studies outside of the class. Don't expect the class to be the only thing you need to prepare for the exam but do expect it to give you guidelines for what to study. The class gives access to peers who take studying seriously and an instructor who has taught this class many times. It was incredibly valuable to interact with them to keep myself on track and encouraged. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the test but this class does a great job of instilling confidence."--Haley

"At first the review class seemed overwhelming with tons of information, problems, videos, and practice exams. Once the classes began, the instructor was great at calming the nerves down for those first time takers like me and offered great exam day advice. In hindsight, the more problems you can work the better. "--Joshua

"I had a great teacher and the PPI material was laid out great to help me prepare for my exam. Highly recommend! "--Andrea

"This course helped me get my mind into a structured study schedule, and the materials provided and recommended helped me prepare everything I needed to take into the exam with me."--Mary Beth

"The PPI Civil review course provided a great basis for a structured study schedule along with providing great review material. My instructor made the material easy to follow and understand. He gave many useful exam day tips and strategies and I used many of them while taking the exam. I highly recommend this review course and you definitely get out what you put in."--Matthew

"You won't run out of things to review, but the course is very well structured to keep you on track. The content covered was extremely relevant to the exam. I had a wonderful instructor, although his notes on the presentation can get messy, he is thorough and always makes sure to answer any questions. He is also very caring, motivational, and gives great tips and strategies for the exam, which makes the class less stressful. I highly recommend this course, although it is very expensive, it would be beneficial if your employer covered the cost. Overall I am very happy with what I was given and how I felt walking out of the exam."--Cristin

"After completing the course, homework, and practice exams, I felt that the actual PE exam had much simpler problems, making it feel easier. I felt very confident after I finished the exam thanks to this course."--Brian

"I highly recommend this class to anyone struggling with the vast amount of information covered on the exam. The course was a great way to get on a schedule, force me to complete practice problems and be exposed to thoughts and questions from my peers. I found the course and my method of studying were not in line, but I was still able to complete the course work and my own studies in the time I spent. The course, as a result, was a useful way to broaden my approach. In addition, the instructor went over and above during lecture and office hours to get to everyone's questions and managed to be a positive energy throughout the length of the course."--Kaitlyn

"This course provides a great foundation for PE Exam preparation and my instructor was very gracious with his exam taking advice. The provided course material (slides and practice problems) are extremely helpful and, for the most part, the assigned homework was good practice. It was a great course but I hope to never have to take it again."--Brad

"My instructor was very good and always tried his best to answer the questions posed by his students. The course helped a lot to move through all the study material in a timely manner and prepared the students well to be ready for the exam on time. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to pass and/or ACE the PE exam."--Dhruv

"I think the materials are the best part of the course. Also that you get a guarantee to take the course again if you fail the exam so it actually makes you do the homework. It was very nice to have all of the materials for the exam. I recommend getting the expansion pack materials for whatever subject you have. The course can be too much at times because of the types of problems you work out, but the side comments and tips are a great help. Would recommend. Hopefully I passed and don't have to take the test again!"--Tylor

"Definitely would recommend to anyone who needs help on civil topics not covered in their respective job. Was great prep. Felt very confident after the exam, and am very happy I chose PPI over some of their competitors."--Nicholas

"My instructor explained concepts in an easy to understand way. Considering the huge volume of material potentially included in the PE exam, the course and the instructor did a good job hitting a lot of material and providing good test-taking tips."--Kari

"I found the review course to be much more demanding than the actual exam, which was a relief on exam day. A lot of the material covered in the course was good to learn, since it gave me confidence in the subject matter. The homework was very time consuming, so I suggest completing homework weekly, instead of the last week like I did."--Joanne

"A great comprehensive review of the Civil PE with a diverse class and knowledgeable instructor. It covered all the sections, gave great conceptual information on the topics, and excellent practical advice about taking the exam. Highly recommend it, especially if you have been away from an academic setting for are few years."--Calvin

"PPI does an amazing job at building the foundation for the PE exam and will easily prepare you for the exam. The class certainly goes into more depth than is necessary for the test, but as soon as you open the exam booklet, your confidence will grow once you see the simplicity of most of the problems. The class is intense, so do not take it lightly, but well worth the work. If you are willing to put in the effort and attend all the classes and do all the homework, you will be more than prepared. After talking with friends, it appears that other classes teach to the test, which has it merits. But PPI not only prepares you to ace the test, it also teaches you to be a better engineer and provides you with materials and experience that will last through your career. Lastly, but certainly not least, I had my class with Elena Badilla. She did an amazing job at teaching all the lectures and was always available for questions if you were having problems with a question. Her depth of knowledge was amazing and even when she was asked something outside of her specific field of expertise, she would always find you the answer."--Erich

"I would definitely recommend this course to a friend/coworker. The course provided many homework problems and a lot of valuable study material. I found that it was helpful to watch the class videos and do the homework, but additionally do other example problems to supplement my studying. Course instructor was great and answered many questions during office hours. Tips provided in the course were very useful!"--Eduardo

"I don't think I could have stayed on track studying without this online review course. You definitely have to put in extra hours to complete the homework but I really didn't feel overwhelmed by the time spent in the lectures and studying outside of it. I tried to attend all of the live lectures - but it was nice that if you had to miss a lecture you could watch the recording and still get credit for attendance. I haven't found out if I passed the exam yet - but this course really made me feel confident going into the exam and I would recommend it to anyone! "--Ryan


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