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"I enjoyed taking this course! It was a great way to brush up on some over looked materials and prepare the students for the exam. The professor was very personable. I enjoyed having multiple references to study such as pre recorded videos, live lectures, the book and the learning hub."--Jessie

"I was very impressed with my professor. When there was a question he took the time to answer it and offered any advice he could. He took the time to work out some problems in the the slides and explain them as well. By taking this course I was able to getting a better understanding of subjects I did not cover as an undergraduate or did not completely understand. I was very happy with my experience with this class."--Sophia

"The professor was very knowledgable of the subjects and punctual. Overall, I am happy with the course."--Kyle

"This course was well worth it. Be prepared to work hard and do your homework! The instructor was passionate about delivering quality course material and exam tips. Well worth the time and money!"--Stan

"As an engineer with a 30 year hiatus between undergraduate degree and taking the exam, I found the course to be a great review and overview of all the necessary engineering concepts and an excellent preparation for the FE Exam. The Live Course, with Instructor and other student interaction, makes the course more real and makes it easier to be attentive to getting the homework done and working through the entire review. I can not imagine attempting the exam with any less of a review/preparation than this course."--Peter

"Amazing instructor! Patient, knowledgeable, professional. My instructor not only provided us with the technical knowledge, but he also gave us test taking tips, told us the latest updates on how the test will be structured, and gave us a lot of encouragement. Solid study schedule. Really helpful lecture slides. Excellent review course!"--Roger

"As an engineer that has been out of school for a while, this course gave me direction and assistance in my studying. I haven't taken the exam yet (next week), but I have no doubt that I am better off having taken this review course. I would recommend it to anyone who needs to remember how to study again. I know I was out of practice! The expectation of having to complete the assignments and quizzes got me back in the rhythm of studying, which was fantastic. The cost of the course was a big consideration, especially since my employer did not assist, but I have no regrets about spending the money. I consider it an investment in my future and I feel it has made a difference in my ability to pass the exam. I would recommend some of the other review books offered by PPI for anyone who may need a bit more review in subjects that weren't a part of their undergraduate curriculum or just so long ago that the basics need defogging. If you take the time to do the homework, look at the course material and ask questions during the class, the expense is worth it. I am confident it gave me a leg up towards passing the exam! Best of luck to all future students and examinees!"--DD

"I have failed the FE 5 times over 7 years. After the 5th time, I realized that studying on my own was not working! So, after researching several study courses I decided to enroll in the PPI review course for the FE. I chose it primarily for the schedule. It was flexible enough to allow me to study AND still have time for my wife and two young kids . . . not to mention working full time. I took the FE immediately following the course and FINALLY PASSED! It's not magic. It's hard work, structure, and discipline -- and that's exactly what I needed. I believe the FE is the most difficult test that exists in the universe. There is no easy trick to passing such a seemingly impossible -- and impassible -- exam. The instructor was so helpful and professional . . . . not to mention very patient with us all. I cannot thank the folks at PPI enough! They have been very helpful throughout the entire process -- even before the course began. There has been a black cloud hanging over me for 7 years, and IT IS GONE! Thank you!"--Kevin

"Good material and review, especially if you are out of college for some time and forgot most of the subject. Covers the whole exam very well"--Sharker


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