FE Mechanical Prep Courses

"My instructor was able to go through the material in a very easy to comprehend way. His advice for the exam made me feel confident in myself after taking this course." --Angelo

"Great program. Passed the test on the first shot. The problems in the homework are more difficult than found on the exam, but reinforces the theory and makes sure you are ready. --Jeremy

"The review course provides a great framework to study for the FE exam and brush up on all the topics covered. Between the live classes, review videos, homework, and many online tools I had lots of resources to be ready for exam day. --Katelyn

"The FE Mechanical Prep Course has everything that I need to pass my FE exam! I am happy I took the course!"--Ali

"I strongly recommend taking the PPI PE prep course. It gets you ready for the test in ways you simply cannot do by yourself.. unless you are very, very organized and motivated. To expand on this, the class covers sections of the review material you simply would not look over on your own. You'd look at a chapter and be like "this is too difficult to understand" or "I've never seen this before" or "this won't be on the exam" and skip over it. Instead, during the class, most of the review material is covered and more importantly explained to you, instead of just reading the material yourself. The professor/instructor was very knowledgeable on every subject. Having someone that can answer any question you have makes you a lot more prepared for the exam. Lastly, having a scheduled class, with due homework assignments, forces you to learn and study regardless of what is going on your busy life. You set time for class attendance and in doing this learning the material during the work week."--Vlad

"This course was well worth the money. Just having something to hold you accountable and keep you on track with a schedule was invaluable. The reference material was more than adequate for the exam."--Karl

"This course was extremely helpful to prepare the the FE exam and was a great refresher after graduating 10+ years ago. The combination of the reading materials, homework, quizzes, flashcards, handouts, office hours and a very knowledgeable instructor, really prepared me to know what to expect for the exam. I highly recommend this course."--Kersen

"The material provided with this course was very helpful and a great way to practice for the exam. Tough homework problems drill the concepts and how to use equations. Live lecture was very long, although they did tell you when and what things were very important topics to know for the exam. I attended all the lectures and completed all assignments and passed the test the first time after being out of school for 4 years. I am not sure how this course rates compared to others but I guess it is a good thing I passed the first time. Great thing is, they have the pass guarantee. Best of luck."--Scott

"The FE review course was very helpful, and the instructor did a great job at explaining the course material. I graduated from Penn State in 2013, so I took this course to help me refresh on what I learned in college. I would highly recommend taking this course for anyone that will be taking the FE Exam. A++++++ I take the FE exam at the end of the month. I am looking forward to passing it!"--Mike

"This review course helped me prepare for (and pass) the FE in ways that I would not have been able to do by studying on my own. The online lectures, taught by a knowledgeable instructor, coupled with homework and quizzes, cover all subjects seen on the exam. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about passing the FE; in fact, I plan on taking the PE Online Review Course."--Adrian

"This course did a very good job of helping me prepare for the FE exam. You are provided with all the tools necessary to pass the exam, and the instructor is very knowledgeable about the material as well as exam-taking strategies."--Joshua

"I took the EIT exam last week and just found out that I passed today. I enjoyed the class and lectures and found it to be very informative and helpful in helping me to recollect everything I've learned in the past college years. Thanks, and I am sure the other students in the class are well prepared as well after doing the online review course."--Anthony

"The lessons that we went through in the class were representative of what was on the FE Exam in my opinion. If anything, I thought some of the sample problems in the lessons were a bit more involved than what was on the exam. Most of the problems didn't require too many steps to solve. But the fact that some of the problems in the lessons were more involved I thought helped better prepare me to solve the problems."--Anonymous


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